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Judge calls Geoffrey Paschel ‘sick’ and ‘sadistic’ despite projecting that he’s a ‘good guy’

Prior to sentencing Geoffrey Paschel to 18 year in prison without parole, Judge Kyle Hixson called Geoffrey out for his “sick” and “sadistic” actions towards women. He also said Geoffrey is “image conscious” and tries to sell a “good guy” image to the world, but “what is going on behind closed doors is much different than the image that Mr. Paschel projects out to the rest of the world.” Keep reading for the judge’s full statement. Plus, a transcript of Geoffrey’s allocution and a statement on his sentencing from the Office of the District Attorney General of Tennessee’s 6th Judicial District.

BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Is the Ben and Mahogany story fake?

52-year-old 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ben Rathbun is flying to Peru to meet his 24-year-old soulmate Mahogany. Ben’s love for Mahogany is unbelievable to his family (and viewers) given that he has never video chatted with her and has only seen heavily edited photos posted online. But, is his love for Mahogany actually unbelievable? As in not true at all? Keep reading to crack open the evidence binder and decide for yourself if we’re being frauded by #Benogany!

BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Is Mahogany real or a catfish?

On the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, 52-year-old single dad Ben is preparing to head off to Peru to meet his 24-year-old online girlfriend, Mahogany, for the first time. However, Ben and Mohagany have never even video chatted. He has only seen what are obviously VERY heavily filtered images and a very brief video clip with similar editing. So, is Mahogany a catfish? Keep reading to see actual photos of Mahogany! SPOILER ALERT!