BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Jesse wants women to stop sending nudes, asks ‘why so nasty about Darcey?’

Before The 90 Days Darcey and Jesse broken heel

Before the 90 Days‘ breakout Dutch Boy sensation Jesse Meester would really appreciate it if all you middle-aged women would stop sending him nude photos, no matter how much you feel like you deserve extra toilet paper and mood lit balloons more than Darcey.

Jesse shared the fact that his inbox is getting stuffed with hoohootographs in a new Youtube vlog. Here’s the video, followed by a transcript of what he had to say about the nudie pics. (I REALLY recommend you watch the video because the transcript has none of the Jesse Meestacular Dutch phonetics!)

A group of woman — of middle aged woman — that find it necessary to send body pictures — some of them are even fully exposed — like, trying to, I don’t know, prove a point how young they/you look, and how I have made the wrong decision. Listen, please don’t. Please don’t send pictures of yourself. You don’t need to prove anything, alright? If you are happy with yourself, that is beautiful, alright? But you don’t need to show me your body or anything else.

Listen, I appreciate — don’t get me wrong — I appreciate every single message! I try to read them all, so don’t be mad if I didn’t read them all yet. But, I appreciate them. But don’t go, like, too far, you know? Don’t send those body pictures, and fully exposing yourself.

Watching this video with the shifting mood lights, and the aquarium, and the amazing artwork on the wall, and the panties on the headboard — I swear it made me want to ignore everything Jesse said and send him nude photos! And I’m a straight guy!

Just in case the transcript wasn’t enough, here is Jesse in his own words from his post on Facebook when he shared a link to the video:

Just arrived home, opening my inbox… Seeing 5-6 (nude) pictures trying to make a point why I should’ve chosen you. Please, don’t do this. Be proud of who you are and your own beautiful Self, but don’t use it in a form of desperation. Being comfortable in your own skin is amazing, and for that alone (whatever your age is), I applaud you.

For all the incredible people who have messaged me and shared their story or telling me how they’ve been inspired: you inspire me just as much. I salute you.

As a tribute to his Jesseness, I created this Jessetrulescent animated gif quote graphic — which I plan to reuse many, many times (with different philosophical insights from Master Meester, of course).

Before the 90 Days Jesse Meester quote animated gif

In addition to addressing the undressing of his middle aged female fan base, Jesse also made it very clear that he will not be sharing any spoilers about the show — including whether or not he and Darcey are still together. In a boyishly sincere way, he points out that not knowing is exciting and the reason why you watch the show!

The day after posting his Youtube video, Jesse posed for an intense photo on the beach that looks like a colorized recreation of the classic Maxell audio tape ad. He captioned it by addressing those folks who are saying negative things about Darcey. Here’s the photo and Jesse’s caption:

Before the 90 Days Jesse Meester intense beach photo

Sitting here at the Dutch beach I want to share this view with you, but also a thought. To some people: why so nasty about Darcey? What has she done to you? Please, you are entitled to your valuable opinion, but at least have some decency in expressing it.

Meanwhile, Darcey is ignoring the negativity and focusing on the positive comments she has received. She posted a photo of her self on Facebook yesterday and wrote this message in the comments section:

Thank you everyone for the warm hearted and beautiful sweet words! Feeling our inner glow comes from deep within our soul! I hope I can be an inspiration to others one day and my journey can help others see themselves from within. Like they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “Thoughts become things! Let’s think the good ones!!!”

Great attitude Darcey! It’s like they say: Every cloud has a Silva lining! (I couldn’t resist.)

To find out how the rest of Jesse and Darcey’s love journey plays out, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Before the 90 Days airing Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC! (You can also click here for some spoilers.)

UPDATE – Jesse just uploaded a new video in which he talks about work/life balance.

I’m still trying to come up with a term for Jesse’s Oprah-worthy mix of applied psychology and physically fit positivism, but the best I have come up with is Meesticism. You guys have any suggestions?

UPDATE – Meesticism it is! Why? Because it has been officially Jesse Approved!

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