90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast photos of all the couples

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days cast photos

On August 6, TLC will be premiering their 90 Day Fiance spin-off Before the 90 Days in which four couples involved in international romances will meet for the first time in hopes of kick-starting the K-1 visa process on their way to a happily ever after as husband and wife here in the United States. We shared some information about the couples in a previous post, including a preview clip of Darcey Silva and her Dutch boyfriend Jesse Meester, and now we have photos of all the cast members!

We will go through all of the couples arranged by their age differences, ending with 47-year-old Sean from Ohio and his potential bride-to-be, 20-year-old Abby from Haiti. You will definitely want to scroll down for that because we have lots of info about Sean and Abby courtesy of their audition tape for the show!

Before the 90 Days Paul and Karine from Brazil

First up we have 34-year-old Paul from Louisville, Kentucky and 21-year-old Karine from Tonantis, Brazil (above). These two certainly make for a nice looking couple, even with Paul’s Kentucky boy complexion. (I feel ya brotha.) this story looks really amazing because Karine lives in a remote Amazon River village in the heart of South America — a looooong way from the bluegrass of Kentucky! These two have been communicating via a translation app because neither speaks the other’s language, which could be quite interesting when Paul pays his first visit to Karine’s home and family. (On a curious side note, Paul doesn’t appear to be Paul’s real name — at least not according to his profiles on social media. Perhaps the reason for that will be made evident on the show?)

Before the 90 Days Larry and Jenny Phillippines

Tied for first place for smallest age gap between Before the 90 Days couples are 37-year-old Larry from Pinellas Park, Florida and 24-year-old Jenny from Urdaneta City, Philippines. We don’t really know much about Larry and Jenny yet, other than the network blurb that reveals that there is something that causes Larry to doubt Jenny’s intentions. Unlike all of the other couples, we don’t have a photo of Larry and Jenny together, so I suppose it is entirely possible he doesn’t even make the trip to the Phillippines! I confess that it’s nice not knowing going in. (That being said, our inbox is always open for spoiler receipts at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com!)

90 Day Fiance Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester from Amsterdam

Next up we have the only America woman on the show, 42-year-old Darcey Silva from Middletown, Connecticut (but soon-to-be Los Angeles). Darcey is courting 24-year-old Jesse Meester, a physical trainer from Amsterdam who is damned good at not wearing shirts or shoes or pants… We do know some spoilers with these two as Darcey made her initial trip to the Netherlands back in February and has since returned to enjoy a PDA-filled vacation with Jesse in Greece.

Darcey was featured in the first preview clip for the new show, and she quickly drew criticism from fans. She responded by expressing a great deal of regret over allowing her romance with Jesse to be filmed because she was fearful of being edited poorly, which would make her family and business look bad. (If you click the link above you can also see a pilot reel for a proposed reality show featuring Darcey and her twin sister Stacey from a few years back.)

Before the 90 Days Sean and Abby from Haiti together

Lastly, we have 47-year-old Sean from Springfield, Ohio, who is more than double the age of his potential fiancee, 20-year-old Abby from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. TLC posted Sean and Abby’s audition tape online yesterday, and in it both Sean and Abby talk about the early stages of their sure-to-be controversial relationship.

“I have always been attracted to black women, so I decided that I would look outside the country,” Sean explains at the beginning of the video. “Them I ended up meeting Abby.” Sean reveals that Abby actually messaged him first, and he was kind of reluctant to respond.

“She wasn’t in the age group that I was looking for on my profile, but she messaged me anyways,” Sean says. “I looked at her profile and messaged her back and said ‘You know, you’re very pretty, you seem to be very intelligent,'” Sean recalls, before making sure we know “she’s going to college.”

After that initial exchange, the two really hit it off and were in constant, daily communication for a month and a half at the time the audition tape was recorded.

As far as Sean’s imminent trip to Haiti, that was something both of them were really excited about! “I can’t wait for Sean to come so I can wear sexy outfits for him and look beautiful,” Abby says. “I have so many plans for him,” she adds, with a coy smile and laugh.

“She is quite literally the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life,” Sean fawns. But, he concedes that their age difference almost guarantees that his first time meeting her family is going to be a little awkward. “I will be staying in Haiti with Abby’s family,” he says. “I’m a little nervous about that because if it goes badly, then I’m going to end up spending a week in Haiti by myself.”

Despite assurance from Abby, Sean remains cautious. “From what Abby says, they are not skeptical, they’re not worried at all,” he says of her family. “But to me, in the back of my mind, that always has to be there because I’m old enough to be her father. I’m kinda taking a leap of faith on this.”

Before the 90 Days Sean and Abby from Haiti quote

Sean reveals that he hopes to make the trip with an engagement ring in hand, and adds that he “would definitely ask her father for permission to marry her before [he] popped the question.”

At this point in the tape, Abby’s age seems to become a bit fluid. Sean mentions that he has an 18-year-old daughter and he is worried that Abby is only one year older, which would make her 19. I know the TLC release says 20, but it makes sense because Abby could have turned 20 between the time the audition tape was made and now.

Then there is this quote from Abby: “I know that he has two kids that are older than me. I’m stressed about that. I know I am very young, and my age shouldn’t be a problem because age is all just numbers. I think that I can make their daddy happy.” Hmmm… Maybe Abby was just confused about the age of Sean’s daughters? Or perhaps Sean has three daughters and one of them is 18? Hopefully this will all be cleared up on the show.

Near the end of the audition tape Sean delivers this summation about what he hoped for from his love journey: “When I step off that plane in Port-au-Prince, I am hoping to meet the woman that I don’t need in my life, but that I want in my life.”

We will all discover if Sean, and the rest of the cast, find what they are looking for when 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, August 6 at 9/8c on TLC!

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