PHOTOS Was Paul Staehle arrested in Brazil?

Paul Staehle arrested in Brazil?

Could it be that Before the 90 Days star Paul Staehle will be adding to his mug shot collection with a Brazilian booking photo? The polarizing reality star posted a series of photos earlier today that appear to show him seated and handcuffed near a police truck with flashing lights!

Paul posted the photos on Facebook with no caption, allowing commenters to speculate on whether or not he was actually arrested, or if the photos were just a joke poking fun at his past issues with the law. It was Karine’s mother, aka Paul’s future mother in law, who finally clarified things.

“What happened to Paul Staehle??” someone asked. “Nothing,” Karine’s mother responded, “he just did a picture next to the prank police car.” (That is what she wrote as translated through Google. In the original Portugeuse it was “Nada ele somente fez uma foto ao lado do carro da polícia de brincadeira.”)

“I hope and pray this is just a joke or a publicity stunt,” another commenter wrote. “Please let us know that you are okay.”

Karine’s mom replied: “Just a joke from him.”

Before the 90 Days Paul arrested in Brazil?

Paul Staehle arrested in Brazil joke prank

Some other commenters pointed out that pretending to be arrested as a joke may not be as “ha ha” funny as it is here in the United States. (Not that it’s that funny here either.) “Be careful, cops do not allowed this kind of prank,” wrote someone that says she is from the same town. “I am from Manaus, my friend did the same and post the photo on facebook, 15 days later the he needed to go to police officer explain the reason. The judge said to him do a community service.” Uh oh. If Paul actually gets arrested for pretending to be arrested… I don’t even know what that would mean! The meme potential is just too much!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Paul has had a little fun at his own expense in regards to his prior run-ins with law enforcement. He and bride-to-be Karine wore sexy cop and convict costumes for Halloween. Thankfully, Karine got to be the sexy cop. 😉

Before the 90 Days Paul Staehle and Karine Halloween costumes

In addition to his hardy-har-harrest, Paulalso recently confirmed that we will be seeing more of the misadventures of #Paurine on TLC. Unfortunately, they will both have to refrain from posting about their relationship on soshul meedya until then. (Of course, those kinds of restrictions haven’t worked to muzzle Paul in the past.) Here is Paul’s announcement:

Karine Martins and I want to thank our supporters. However under our newer agreement we will be refraining from sharing details about our relationship on social media. The network will continue to follow our problems and issues. As well as highlight the most important positive moments. The next 2 years have the most changes and adjustments we both may need to face and over come. So keep your eyes out for us upcoming on TLC.

Some of you might not like Paul, but go ahead and admit that you can’t wait! 😉

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