BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Darcey Silva shares before & after transformation photos

Before the 90 Days Darcey makeover

Darcey Silva’s appearance on Before the 90 Days has not been the completely positive experience that she expecte. The show portrayed her in what many viewers (and Darcey herself) saw as an unfavorable light. After initially being angered and regretful over her decision to share her romantic journey with the world, Darcey has since started the process of turning lemons into lemonade by making positive changes — both physical and spiritual — as part of an “inner and outer body & soul transformation.”

Darcey shared the before-and-after photos below and captioned them with “My Be-You-tiful inner and outer body & soul transformation. #Darcey #beforeandafter #tlc #beforethe90days #loveyou #beautiful transformation #journey #grateful #inspire ❤️?”

Before the 90 Days Darcey Silva before and after transformation

The photos inspired a lot of appreciative comments, and a lot of questions. Darcey confidently responded with an unrelenting positivity that had to have been inspired — at least in part — by her time studying Meesticism with Jesse:

DARCEY: Thank you everyone for all the beautiful heartfelt, loving and inspirational words, comments and questions. My personal transformational body and soul journey started and began with creating my “be-you-tiful” life vision board awhile ago and knowing, loving, learning, growing and honoring my self-worth and loving me from deep within and visualizing my new body, believing in myself and what I am truly want to desire and manifest. Your thoughts become things, so think the good ones. I shifted my energy and truly believed in me and my soul and heart lead me to my new love transformational journey. ❤️

CORTNEY (From Before the 90 Days): Beautiful!! My friends were watching the show and all said you look really good and the prettiest on the show… esp a mom. Yesss. JLO.. Killing it #goals

DARCEY: Hi beautiful [Cortney] you are the best hun and I appreciate that is so sweet of you and your friends to say!!!tell them I say thank you ladies! Ya’ll Rock!!! ?It’s been a beautiful journey for sure! I love your energy so much and your soul is one of a kind! I see it in your eyes and smile! We are all here for a reason and purpose in life and you are a true beauty in my eyes! You are an inspiration to me and I know to the woman in world too! Luv ya girl! #beautiful #friends ❤️?

CORTNEY: ❤️️??

COMMENTER: How do you have all this great energy and positivity? It’s so hard for me I’m going though anxiety and depression.

DARCEY: Stay beautiful and positive love! Thank you for sharing your story too! It helps us all! I’m here for you too! It helps me when I say daily affirmations too! Write them down or repeat them over and over while standing Im The mirror aloud looking at yourself. You got this! I believe in you! Your beautiful inside and out! I would love to hear back if you wish. You got a friend here! We are all here for eachother. Sending you love beautiful! ❤️

COMMENTER: so how did you accomplish such a drastic change on your face? Was that simply some weight loss? I am only asking for myself. I am much older than you but as a female I always want to look my best! It would appear that you had some contouring done on your face.

DARCEY: both weight loss, drink more water and light air brush makeup by @kayrodriguezmakeup and tried new ways to apply it too for my new beautiful skin transformational look. It all helps and feels great inside and out. I feel amazing and exude a self confidence that shines,glows and resonates all around. It amazing what happens when you start from with the change within! ❤️

COMMENTER: Thank you for such kind words. I use to be so positive and have such energy but when your have people in your life that just bring you down it just doesn’t help. I use to think I’m worth it and look good but I don’t dress like I use too and don’t really do things for me. I want to say nice things about me but it’s hard. I do love doing what I do is working with animals. Just not people lol. I do have a good attitude to things but sometimes i do have hard times.

DARCEY: I totally understand and feel you! Keep your head up and try meditating too and writing down your thoughts and feelings daily. It helps me too! Like my dad taught me! Keep your eyes on the prize! Got to Love you first. Im here for ya and love you too! We all can transform from within and from the outside! Believe in you! ❤️

DARCEY: I will always love and be grateful for Jesse with all my heart and soul! I am also truly greatful for him and the beautiful transformational journey he has also been apart of and helped me from within too. Like us all Our journey begins from within and I am so blessed to have God in my heart and soul and amazing people in my life to share my journey with! I am all in! Loving life! Praise god! ❤️?

In addition to focusing on bettering herself in light of how she appeared on the show (both to viewers and herself), Darcey is also concentrating on her Silva Collection and House of 11 fashion lines, as well as her daughters Aspen and Aniko.

Say what you will about Darcey (and I know people will damn sure say what they will about Darcey! lol), but you have to give her credit for handling all of this in such a positive way. It is so easy to get mired down in negativity, as some of Darcey’s Before the 90 Days cast mates seem to be doing, but she really does appear to have humbly embraced some of the criticism and tried to make it constructive by addressing it with positive changes in her life.

I look forward to hearing Darcey talk about the whole experience on the Reunion/Tell All special that recently filmed in New York City — with Jesse too!)

[Ed. note: I wanted to give Darcey’s brand of positivism a name like I did with Meesticism, but I was afraid that the only option (Darcissism) would come across as negative.]

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