Nicole Curtis takes dead aim at haters, shares Rehab Addict Season 8 news in latest update

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Rehab Addict‘s Nicole Curtis is continuing to leave a difficult 2016 well behind her with a steadfast march through 2017. For one thing, she confirmed a brand-new season of Rehab Addict this past winter, and has been filming new episodes for months. For another, she’s become known for a string of ever-more-poignant meditations on her own life, keeping a sane work-life balance, and the difficulties of single parenting, several of which have gone viral. And Nicole’s attitude–which you might call “warm, with a generous dollop of DGAF”–is perhaps best encapsulated by her increasing willingness to share jaw-dropping bikini pics.

So, with that spirit in mind, we bring you our latest Nicole Curtis update. In case you missed it on social media, Nicole celebrated her birthday last week–and did so with the most important man in her life other than her two sons. (We’ll let the actual Nicole Curtis age come from the woman herself 😉 )

Shortly after that upload, Nicole shared some more thoughts on how difficult it is to be not a woman in a male-dominated industry (which has become, to use her own words, a “piece of cake”), but to be a woman and a single mother fighting for the right to privacy in 2017. Devotées of Nicole’s social media profiles will be well-acquainted with the great 2017 Breastfeeding Controversy, and it’s clearly bothered Nicole for months, as she’s devoted several major updates to the ongoing nonsense she has to deal with for choosing to breastfeed in public.

The post is a stunner, so make sure you read through to the end:

Did my great-grandmother ever think we'd be in a position having to fight for our rights as mothers ? Our world is turning backwards. People ask me what it's like to work in a male-dominated industry -piece of cake. Now ask me about the struggle of having my breasts discussed in an open court room, my child's name sold to tabloids, being court ordered to pump rather than feed my baby the only way he knows how only to be ridiculed when I cry that I can't produce enough milk with a pump, the humiliation of sitting in front of a stranger while topless hooked up to a breatpump so they could document that yes, indeed my body doesn't produce enough milk by pumping, then the humiliation of having to put that document on public record and sit in a court room of strangers all privy to an open discussion about my body —and the worst part of all this ? I'm not the only one. I never intended for my story to be public. I wanted my privacy, I asked for records to be sealed-I was laughed at. Now that its public, not by my doing, I'm berated for speaking out —#WomensEqualityDay we have a long way to go -sadly, I thought we were actually getting somewhere before I experienced this firsthand-we shouldn't have to #normalizebreastfeeding defend #attachedparenting preach #infantmentalhealth -nothing is more natural than an infant's attachment to their mother —and before we all assume that all the parties involved stripping mothers of their right to breastfeed are men—think again.

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Fortunately for both Nicole’s fans and the woman herself, Rehab Addict Season 8 will be back in just a few weeks! We don’t have an official premiere date yet, but this Facebook update confirms that fans should look to the fall:

You can catch up with Nicole’s many projects by checking out our archive here. As for Rehab Addict, you can keep up with local airtimes on the show’s official page here.

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