Nicole Curtis offers fans a sneak peek of ‘Better Than New,’ her first book

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The Nicole Curtis children question is one that’s followed the Rehab Addict star for months upon months, ever since she announced her surprise pregnancy with a cheeky social media post and followed up with only one, even-cheekier post after that. Now that Better Than New, her first-ever book, is almost ready for publication, fans are hopeful that she’ll use the tome to address some of their lingering questions–but Nicole, ever vigilant about her privacy, kept quiet on the issue until recently revealing a small preview of the book.

And we do mean “small”–if you’re hoping for big spoilers, you’ll come away disappointed. If you’re excited by the thought of a combination memoir and self-help text, though, you’re likely to be very happy indeed. Here’s the preview Nicole shared on Facebook, followed by her caption:

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My life story is stranger than fiction. As I’m closing in on the final few edits, I feel vindicated. So many events in my life led me to feeling shame and humiliation until I learned that majority of that was not mine to carry. For the parts that were? The good news is is that the brain is a muscle and I’ve learned and am still learning that I have the ability to grow and make things right. Deep breath before my book tour launches. Is it about house restoration ? No, it’s about life restoration. I was a know-it-all fearless 17 yr old when I started -now I’m a know better fearless 39 year old 🙂 a few lessons learned

The only other concrete preview fans have gotten came in the form of a squint-and-you’ll-miss-it Instagram post just a couple of weeks ago:

In case you don’t have your opera glasses handy 😉 here’s a bit more detail regarding what fans should expect. According to the promotional materials, Better Than New “goes behind the scenes” with Nicole, and will detail her entire life story–one of “an entrepreneurial single mom who worked her way from waitress/real estate agent to home renovation expert, preservationist, and television star.”

More on the book:

With eight chapters in the book—eight lessons told through her life story and through several of the homes she has remodeled—readers will get to see another side of Nicole Curtis, including the private and personal struggles that are not seen on TV. Working in Detroit and Minneapolis, Curtis has opened her fans’ eyes to the beauty of older homes and the value of reclaiming and reusing authentic original materials rather than sending dumpster loads to the local landfill. Curtis applies the same principles to her personal life—valuing old friends, rescuing dogs, and advocating for the wounded, the elderly, and the disadvantaged. Readers will find inspiration to apply to their own lives supplemented with never-before-seen photos of Curtis and the homes she renovates.

Perhaps most tantalizing of all for Nicole Curtis fans is the news that Better Than New‘s 224 pages will also contain “more than 75 color photographs from Curtis’s personal collection, ranging from family photos to before-and-after photos of the rehabbed homes’ interiors and exteriors.”

Basically, it looks like fans of both Nicole Curtis and Rehab Addict are about to get an honest, no-holds-barred look at Nicole’s entire life, one full of mistakes, lessons learned, and good advice. In other words, it’s perfect fot DIY-ers like her!

Here’s the book’s cover:

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And here’s a link to the book’s pre-order page, courtesy of Amazon. Better Than You will publish on October 18th, 2016.

Finally, speaking of Nicole Curtis children, here’s a sweet pair of throwback photos that Nicole was kind enough to share on Instagram recently:

Rehab Addict continues to air Wednesday nights on DIY Network.

(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis children via Facebook, Instagram)

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