Nicole Curtis update: Is the Rehab Addict star pregnant for a third time?

Nicole Curtis update 2

We recently dropped a big Nicole Curtis update, including a handful of frequently asked questions about the show. It appears that Nicole herself has been indundated with queries, though, since the Rehab Addict star finished off 2015 with an informal Q&A of her own.

So–without further ado, and straight from the woman herself, here’s the latest Nicole Curtis update, followed by a few clarifications of our own:


I get asked lots of questions 🙂
water-just water In the crock pots
I sell most of the furniture with the houses unless I absolutely can’t live without it
I clean w baking soda and vinegar 
Tshirts are sold at evine .com $ goes to help families in need we just did Christmas for 22 families
It’s my real hair -no extensions
There’s no college degree in rehab addictness-
I have no idea how many houses I’ve done
I buy them, design, build, clean, stage and sell them -my$$
I have 2 dogs -both rescues -they got mad at me today an Lucy peed in the basement-I still love her
My favorite people are my grandparents
My favorite career,job,role,activity, etc is being a mom 

And …..
YES!!!! There’s a new season coming up !!!!

happy Tuesday

Oops -and yes, I have A book coming out 🙂 almost forgot


Most of that is self-explanatory, but, in case you’re lost, here are a few explanations.

-Nicole is a fairly avid do-it-yourselfer–her show airs on DIY Network, after all–and the baking soda-and-vinegar cleaning remedy is about as DIY (and old school) as it gets. For a basic recipe, start here.

-The T-shirts Nicole references are the same one her grandfather is wearing in the photo at the top of the post. If you’re interested in picking one up and helping out a family in need, click here for the Evine link.

-Nicole made a brief reference to Rehab Addict season eight when she announced the premiere date for season seven, way back in October. We haven’t heard anything new since then, but the general notion was that, between the Ransom Gillis house and the three others the Rehab Addict crew was working on at the time, there was more than enough material for a seventh season, so producers simply began putting together episodes for season eight.

Nicole Curtis update 1

One more quick thing, as we begin 2016: it seems there’s another “Nicole Curtis pregnant” rumor going around–namely, that Nicole Curtis is pregnant again. As in, for the third time. While that may or may not happen in the future, it seems that this particular “Nicole Curtis pregnant” rumor is coming from a handful of sites that forgot Nicole Curtis gave birth to her second child in 2015, and isn’t still pregnant (with the same kid) in 2016 😉 Here’s the general timeline: Nicole became pregnant in 2014; announced it at the end of the season finale of Rehab Addict season six; was visibly pregnant during HGTV’s Beach Flip (which aired this past summer, but filmed in the winter of 2015); and has clearly already given birth by Rehab Addict season seven.

Nicole Curtis update 3

Why is Nicole Curtis so secretive about her second pregnancy? The simple answer is: Because she wants to be. She’s shared a couple of tongue-in-cheek Facebook updates about the second baby since this past summer, both of which involve pretending that her dog, Lucy, wanted more puppies, and that Nicole agreed to become a surrogate.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of “Nicole Curtis pregnant” rumors going on out there. If you need more proof that Nicole Curtis is not currently pregnant, the above photo was taken and shared earlier today, during a New Year’s Day 5K that Nicole ran. Doesn’t look like she’s got much of a baby bump 😉

Rehab Addict airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on DIY Network.


(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis update via Facebook, Instagram)

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