Nicole Curtis remains mum on pregnancy question, offers Rehab Addict Season Seven preview

Rehab Addict Season Seven 1

Is Nicole Curtis pregnant? Is the Rehab Addict Season Seven star still with child? Or is she pregnant yet again, with her third child, as rumors have stated? While Nicole is keeping the answers to those questions under wraps–something she’s done since the first Nicole Curtis pregnancy stories began emerging last summer–she has offered an unexpected update on Rehab Addict Season Seven.

It seems like the one thing Rehab Addict fans want to know more than any other is any news relating to the Nicole Curtis pregnancy, the Nicole Curtis baby, or whether or not rumors about Nicole Curtis pregnant were ever accurate. Curtis has been respectful, but firm, regarding all Nicole Curtis baby stories: her privacy is very important to her, and Curtis continues to deflect all questions about those stories. One thing Nicole Curtis isn’t wary of sharing, though, is a Rehab Addict Season Seven update, particularly in light of the fact that she made a surprise announcement regarding new episodes just last week, while fans were expecting to have to wait far longer.

So: here’s the latest Rehab Addict Season Seven update, per Facebook:


This summer was supposed to be carefree and full of fun. Needless to say, it ended up work, work, work. The Ransom Gillis house turned into a nightmare-I didn’t own it and it was scheduled to be a 3 week project for me-my joke was when we were still shooting in November-it’s only August, guys!That way I could focus on the house that had my heart, my Grandparents’ home. Well, to say we were stretched a little thin is the understatement of the year. Here’s a pic from my birthday-When you watch the new episodes-you will see it go from spring, to summer, to fall to winter…it took a long time, but I had my favorite people at my side. We aren’t made for TV-we just happen to also make TV:) This Wednesday-I celebrate my “family”.
***Show your kids this is a real selfie-with my infamous broken camera and date stamp:)

Rehab Addict Season Seven 2

You can catch Rehab Addict Season Seven starting this Wednesday, February 3rd, at 9 PM EST on DIY Network.


(Photo credits: Rehab Addict Season Seven via Instagram, Facebook)

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