Nicole Curtis offers Rehab Addict Season Seven preview with Ransom Gillis Open House

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We’re just a couple of weeks away from the long-awaited premiere of Rehab Addict‘s seventh season, but Nicole Curtis has spent too many hours on too many major projects to wait for the November 5th drop. The seventh season will feature one big renovation in particular: that of Detroit’s legendary Ransom Gillis house, which was once a stately Midwestern manor, but has been crumbling since the 60s. (For a lot more information on the history and reconstruction of the Ransom Gillis house, check out our Rehab Addict Season Seven preview here.)

So: what’s Curtis got in store? Another of her legendary Rehab Addict Open Houses! Open to all–provided you either live nearby or are willing to make the trek, of course 😉

Here are the details, straight from Curtis herself:


Just drool !!!!!!! You ready to see this great house in person ? For the first time ever, I’m giving you actual notice 😉

ANNOUNCING THE ‪#‎ransomgillis‬ house tour !!! 205 Alfred Street Detroit MI Been to one before ? Then skip this next part:)

ALL ages welcome-we have two lines 1. For those that can’t physically wait in long lines 2. All others who are blessed with good health . Now, don’t argue this with me -if you are my grandparents’ generation I also pull you to the front even if you are stronger than me 🙂 just outta respect . Small children who love old houses, but think lines are yucky generally get to the front via me also 🙂
Bring shoes that are easy to get off -unless, you fall into the category of anything above 🙂

Pack kindness and courage because I run through the lines promoting talking to strangers who are friends waiting to happen.

We always raise money for a special family that needs help and this one is no exception -to date-we’ve raised over 15k at these 🙂


*****no pets please, it’s waaaaay too busy and I say this every time and pets arrive 🙁 please, I love them, but it doesn’t work at these & before anyone jumps on me -service dogs are not pets


And here’s a mini-Ransom Gillis slideshow to let you know a little bit about what to expect:

Wow !!!! #detroit #ransomgillis #brushpark #nofilter

A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

It’s all about #doors …. First time in over 40 years for this house 🙂 #brushpark #ransomgillis #detroit A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

Will never understand ripping real wood out or covering it up -almost done 🙂 #detroit #ransomgillis

A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

Just drool -it’s okay 🙂 #detroit #ransomgillis A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

It’s happening #brushpark #detroit

A photo posted by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

This project is actually a little bit behind schedule: Curtis and crew intended to be done with Ransom Gillis by mid-August, and to begin tours by September. So it’s probably a safe bet that anyone who attends the November 1st Open House will be greeted by an enthusiastic Nicole Curtis–one with more stories (and horror stories) than usual!

Just to recap, then: the Rehab Addict Ransom Gillis Open House–hosted by Nicole Curtis!–will be the afternoon of Sunday, November 1st. Rehab Addict‘s seventh season will premiere on DIY Network on Thursday, November 5th. And you can check out our preview of the season by clicking here.  


(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis via Facebook, Instagram)

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