PHOTOS Nicole Curtis’ baby’s father wins court battle in custody dispute

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The identity of Nicole Curtis’ 15-month-old son’s father has emerged. Unfortunately for the Rehab Addict star, the reveal came in the midst of a bitter court battle over custody and visitation right for the child–a battle that saw Curtis risk jail time on contempt of court charges.

Nicole Curtis shocked fans when she announced her second pregnancy very briefly and in an out-of-nowhere clip at the very end of Rehab Addict Season 6. A few months later, she surprised her fans again, revealing in a mid-summer Facebook post that she had already given birth–and sharing the first photo of her very pregnant self as she did so. Since then, questions as to the identity of the baby’s father have swirled.

Now, a Detroit News article on the ongoing custody battle between the two parents has revealed that Nicole Curtis fathered her baby with former boyfriend and Shane Maguire. Maguire, 53, is originally from New Zealand, and is best known as co-founder of The Gold Guys, a Minneapolis-based gold and precious metal purchaser. Here’s his official Gold Guys photo, alongside co-founder Joe Beasy; Shane is on the left:

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In addition, here’s another photo, this one of both Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire together at a party in 2013:

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The News article goes on to explain that there have been “five separate disputes over missed parenting time” between Curtis and Maguire since their son Harper’s birth in July of 2015. Those disputes began in November of 2015, when Maguire sued Curtis for custody and took a paternity test to prove, legally, that he is Harper’s father. Maguire has since accused Curtis of taking Harper out of town on weekends when he had been scheduled to have custody; Curtis countered that Maguire let his 17-year-old son drive with Harper in the car “in a manner that was careless, exceeded the posted speed limits and was unsafe” and that he “exposed the boy to potential harm by putting him in the middle of a “Black Lives Matter” police protest in his Saint Paul neighborhood.”

Oakland (MI) Circuit Judge Lisa Langton ordered Curtis to repay Maguire for court fees associated with the custody battle, awarded him “make-up visitation time,” and further ordered that Maguire’s name be added to Harper’s birth certificate. The child’s full legal name is now Harper Wolfgang Lewis Curtis-Maguire.

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(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis baby daddy via Facebook)

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