Can you buy a Nicole Curtis house? Rehab Addict star shares major updates

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Nicole Curtis is one of the home improvement genre’s biggest reality TV stars, so it’s no surprise that her fans would wonder about Nicole Curtis homes for sale. And, thanks to the varied projects and locations Rehab Addict‘s has featured during its seven-season run, occasionally, Nicole Curtis homes do pop up on the real estate market. It looks like the most recent listing was a couple of years back: in 2014, the Minneapolis craftsman bungalow featured on Rehab Addict season 4 went on sale, and for a reasonable $150,000.

However, while the Rehab Addict host has had houses on the real estate market from time to time, it’s her recent work for family and charitable causes that’s turning heads. Devoteés of the show will recall the #TeamTessa fundraiser that Curtis put on last year for Tessa Prothero, a seven-year-old Detroit girl with stage 4 neuroblastoma. Since then, Curtis also decided to include a renovation for Tessa’s family on Rehab Addict Season 7, and has gone out of her way to raise awareness for Tessa’s condition. She shared the following photo and caption on Facebook just before the most recent Rehab Addict episodes:

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Do whatever you have to do to get in front of a television tonight-It’s the “Tessa” episodes. Beg, borrow, steal (just kidding) but do it, if you are ever doubting what love can do-I promise you, we will renew your faith. Over 15,000 kids are diagnosed every year with cancer. It’s f*cking ugly (yes, I said that word)-it’s one thing to deal with a 40 something friend going through it, but not kids. Tessa and other children like her are so courageous and just keep smiling! Sign up at my website for our email-I have lots of good info in it tonight. Bobby and Karin-thank you for letting us be a part of your lives DIY Network tonight.


Fans of Nicole’s also know how close she is to her grandparents, who’ve also had their house featured on the current season of Rehab Addict. Nicole’s devotion to the Grandpa’s House project & its midcentury charm almost matches her love for its occupants–

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–which is a big part of why it was so startling to see a recent Facebook update from Nicole explaining that her grandmother had been hospitalized: “Almost lost my Gram today,” Curtis wrote, “no not in Target, but in life. Scary. I never take for granted the fact that I am blessed to have them by my side. I just really don’t like the idea that some day I won’t and thanks to so many wonderful people -that wasn’t today. My gram is asleep under watchful eyes -I’m with Gramps and there was definitely a call for miller lites and Klondike bars.”

And, a few days later, Curtis checked in with fans to report that all was well, and her grandmother was recovering quickly enough to argue with her several times–”so that’s a good sign,” as she pointed out.

We wish Grandma Curtis a continued & speedy recovery!


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(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis homes for sale via Facebook)

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