Does Nicole Curtis have a tattoo? Rehab Addict star pranks fans, then flashes the real thing

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Does Nicole Curtis have a tattoo? And, if so, what the heck is it of? Rehab Addict fans were asking themselves those very questions and doing double takes recently, when Curtis shared a new photo of what appeared to be some brand-new ink–in a prominent and unlikely spot. That update was just a prank, but Nicole really does have a tattoo, though she doesn’t show it off much, and despite the frequency with which she wears tank tops.

To begin, then, here’s the Nicole Curtis tattoo prank photo, which she dropped across social media on the day set aside for such tomfoolery:

Nicole Curtis tattoo 1

Accompanying her photo was a simple caption: “So I got talked into the white tattoo with the black …hoping I wake up in the morning with the same enthusiasm 🙂 ”

Many Rehab Addict fans were flabbergasted–until they realized that the date was the first of April. Nicole doesn’t pull an April Fool’s Day prank every year, but, when she does, they tend to be just believable enough to work. (Devoteés will recall that, in 2011, Nicole shared photos of herself trying on wedding dresses, to great effect.)

But, does Nicole Curtis have a tattoo? An actual, real one? She sure does–it’s on her right shoulderblade. Here’s the most recent photo she’s shared of it, in a post from last year about the importance of physical fitness:

Nicole Curtis tattoo 2

And here’s the only other Nicole Curtis tattoo photo we could find–it’s a wider shot, but the left side of the tat is still obscured:

Nicole Curtis tattoo 3

So far, we’ve been unable to crack the code of what the Nicole Curtis tattoo actually is! It looks like it could be a bat, or a butterfly, or a scorpion’s tail. Or something else entirely!

While you ponder that tattoo mystery, remember that the Rehab Addict Season 7 finale airs tonight at 9 PM on DIY.

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(Photo credits: Does Nicole Curtis have a tattoo via Facebook)

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