Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers: Do Amy and Johnny get engaged?

Love Is Blind Do Amy and Johnny get engaged?

Netflix seemed to drop a lot of Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers with their extended trailer last week! Many of the cast members who get engaged are revealed, and it appears as though many of the couples are revealed as well.

The engaged cast members look to be accurate, but Netflix got pretty clever and deceptive with the apparent couple reveals.

We previously shared details about 26-year-old middle school principal, Kenneth Gorham, and how he looks to have gotten engaged with someone other than the two women we see him interacting with in the trailer.

We will now move on to 28-year-old account executive, Johnny McIntyre. Johnny is featured throughout the preview trailer, but it never reveals exactly who he is with. All we can tell is that the woman appears to be white with long, dark hair.

Here’s the preview trailer:

I get a vibe from the trailer that Netflix is trying to sell a potential engagement between Johnny and single mom Jessica Vestal.

The network is also hinting at a Jessica engagement by featuring her quite a bit in their early promotions, which makes sense given that she is a single parent (and very easy on the eyes).

However, it doesn’t take a lot of work to figure out Johnny and Jessica do not leave the pods together. (Actually, there’ not evidence that Jessica got engaged at all this season.)

It took quite a bit of nit-picky sleuthing to figure out who Kenneth likely got engaged to. With Johnny, it was a bit easier.

All the evidence we need to figure out Johnny’s fiancée is in the trailer — multiple times. It’s really not difficult to pair up the outfits, earrings, and wrist tattoo of the woman he is clearly in a relationship with to… Amy Cortés!

Check out the photo receipts:

Love Is Blind Johnny and Amy spoilers: Engaged? Married?

Love Is Blind Season 6 couple Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre

Did Johnny and Amy not have sex?

In the preview trailer we see a producer asking Amy if she and her fiancé are sexually intimate. “No,” she says. Earlier in the video, Amy foreshadows the physical intimacy issues.

“We’ve done the emotional,” she says in a confessional. “Now we have to connect on a physical level.

Did Johnny and Amy get married?

As we stated in our previous post about Kenneth, marriage records in North Carolina are a bit difficult to access. As a result, we don’t have a smoking gun for any of the Love Is Blind Season 6 cast (yet).

However, it does seem from the preview trailer that Johnny and Amy are having some serious issues. In addition to the physical intimacy problems, Johnny can be heard expressing his concerns about making the marriage commitment.

“It is scary!” Johnny replies to another guy off screen. “This is the rest of my life!” he adds.

Despite not having any proof either way, if I had to wager $20, I would bet that Johnny and Amy do not get married. Stay tuned to find out for sure!

Johnny and Amy Love Is Blind Season 6 bios

I will wrap up this article by sharing the official Netflix bios for both Amy and Johnny. Based on these, do you think they would be compatible spouses?

Amy Cortés

Modern romance has left Amy feeling hopeless about finding love. ‘I don’t go on dates. I literally work and hang out with my friends and family,’ she says. ‘I don’t have the patience for apps and feel like they’re super superficial.’ She’s more than ready for the experiment to kick her journey to find a soulmate into high gear and break down her walls.

Amy is particularly drawn to creative types — she learned how to play the ukulele during COVID and spends her weekends singing karaoke — and would love to find “somebody to collaborate” with and share their passions.

Above all else, Amy’s future partner must not only get along with her family but also establish a ‘really good connection with them’ and her culture. Also, it doesn’t hurt if there’s a guy out there who can snap a good pic. ‘I love taking pictures. He better get ready to be an Instagram photographer.’

Johnny McIntyre

Johnny has tried to find “the one” through dating apps, in grocery stores, and, yes, even on blind dates. But he’s had trouble forming anything beyond a ‘really surface level’ connection, so he’s coming to Love Is Blind to tune out all other distractions and dig deep.

Independent women please come to the front, because Johnny is attracted to people who ‘stand on their own two feet.’ He’s also hoping his forever partner will join him on the slopes — he’s an avid snowboarder who hits the mountains almost every weekend — and in the skies, as he has dreams of learning how to fly a plane.

But Johnny has his feet fully planted on the ground when it comes to love, adding, ‘I’m not just some 27-year-old kid. I’m an adult now, and I want to see what it takes to make [this experience] work.’

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