Love Is Blind Season 6 spoiler: Do Kenneth and Brittany get engaged?

Love Is Blind Season 6 Do Kenneth and Brittany get engaged?

Love Is Blind Season 6 will premiere on February 14, but thanks to a new preview trailer dropped by Netflix, we already know a little bit about which cast members will get engaged!

Let’s start with the trailer:

It’s clear from the trailer that one of the cast members who gets engaged is 26-year-old middle school principal, Kenneth Gorham. What isn’t clear from the trailer is who Kenneth gets engaged to!

At one point we see Kenneth laughing with Amber Desiree “AD”, who is another cast member who clearly gets engaged this season. But, later in the preview clip, it appears as though Kenneth is having a heart-to-heart with Chelsea Blackwell about being more open about his feelings.

There are a few moments where Kenneth is clearly seen with his fiancée, including an ocean boat outing. In those scenes, it’s difficult to tell exactly who Kenneth is with — which I am sure is intentional.

In the boat scene, it’s obvious the woman with Kenneth is white and brunette. That must mean it’s Chelsea, right? Apparently not.

Chelsea has a very large floral tattoo on her right arm, and the woman in the boat scene clearly doesn’t. So, who does Kenneth get engaged to on Love Is Blind Season 6?

Do Kenneth and Brittany get engaged?

In the recent Love Is blind Season 6 preview trailer, we see Kenneth holding hands with a woman wearing a green dress. It’s clearly Kenneth because he wears the same watch in other scenes, and in numerous photos on Instagram.

Brittany posted a screen cap of that scene on her Instagram account as part of a gallery promoting the show’s premiere:

If you swipe over to the second photo in the gallery you will see a group photo that includes Kenneth with Brittany, and she is obviously wearing the green dress from the screen-capped scene.

There is also another moment in the preview trailer in which Kenneth can be seen holding hands with a woman. You can sort of see Kenneth’s watch, and you can definitely see his bicep tattoo. The rings on the woman’s hand match the woman (Brittany) in the green dress photos:

Kenneth and Brittany Love Is Blind Season 6

The images certainly seem to indicate Kenneth and Brittany get engaged.

Starcasm did some social media sleuthing and I believe we’ve come up with additional evidence linking the two.

In the ocean boating scene, it’s hard to see the face of the woman that Kenneth is with as she jumps into the water holding a GoPro camera on a stick. However, you can see her bikini pretty well.

The blue top and white bottoms look to be an exact match for a bikini that Brittany was wearing in a selfie she shared on Instagram in September of 2022. Here’s that selfie with screen caps of the woman Kenneth is with on the boat:

Love Is Blind Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham

(I feel I should take a moment to drop some obligatory 🔥🔥🔥🔥 emoji for bikini Brittany.)

Additionally, there is a brief scene in the Love Is Blind Season 6 preview trailer featuring a couple holding hands. One of the hands appears to be Kenneth’s. Here’s a screen cap of that scene, and once again, the bikini top looks to be a match for that one worn by Brittany on Instagram:

Love Is Blind Brittany Mills bikini

Do Kenneth and Brittany get married?

Both Brittany and Kenneth have done a spectacular job of not only hiding their engagement online, but also any evidence of a wedding.

There is a brief wedding scene in the preview trailer of what looks to be a well-built man walking down the aisle, but we don’t even know if that’s the groom.

Love Is Blind Season 6 wedding

Unfortunately, North Carolina marriage records are a little difficult for the public to access, so we’re still trying to work to confirm whether or not Brittany and Kenneth tied the knot.

The first episodes of Love Is Blind Season 6 will be dropping on Netflix on February 14. Until then, be sure to keep checking Starcasm for more spoilers!

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