LOVE IS BLIND Do Stacy and Izzy get married? SPOILER

Love Is Blind Izzy and Stacy wedding

Love Is Blind Season 5 started out with 28 single men and women hoping to find Platonic love through pod walls.

At least four couples emerged from the pods engaged, but one of those was edited out of the show. Another engagement imploded very quickly due to JP’s VERY serious aversion to Taylor’s makeup.

As fans prepare for the final batch of episodes to drop on Netflix on Friday, there are only two couples remaining. The previews tease a footage from the weddings of Stacy and Izzy as well as Lydia and Milton, but it appears one of those couples didn’t actually follow through and get married!

Did Izzy and Stacy get married?

We previously shared the news that Milton and Lydia defied a lot of fans’ expectations by officially getting married on May 31, 2022. It’s not hard to do the math and figure out…

Izzy and Stacy DID NOT get married! Or, at least, they did not return their marriage license.

According to Harris County court records, Izzy and Stacy got their marriage license on May 20, 2022. That was exactly one week after Milton and Lydia got their license.

When you obtain a marriage license in Harris County, you have 90 days to return it. Unlike Milton and Lydia, Izzy and Stacy never returned their license.

In August of 2022, after 90 days had passed, the status of the marriage license was officially updated to “not returned” and the license was voided. There is no other marriage license on file for Izzy and Stacy in Harris County.

Of course, it is possible that Izzy and Stacy elected to get married in another county at a later date. Without a national marriage registry, there is no way to know for sure.

Where was Izzy and Stacy’s wedding?

Based on the preview footage, Izzy and Stacy’s wedding was at the same location as Milton and Lydia’s wedding.

The wedding venue for both weddings on Love Is Blind Season 5 was Pattison House, located about an hour west of downtown Houston in Pattison, Texas.

The couples’ ceremonies were held in the venue’s reception hall. Pattison House also has a rustic barn as well as a romantic courtyard available for wedding ceremonies.

Here are a couple photos of the reception hall, and an external shot of the bridal suite, including the car that Stacy arrives in for her wedding:

And two screen caps from the Love Is Blind Season 5 wedding ceremonies:

Love Is Blind Stacy and Izzy's wedding
Love Is Blind 5 Milton and Lydia wedding

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