LOVE IS BLIND Did Milton and Lydia get married? SPOILER

Love Is Blind Lydia and Milton wedding details

Love Is Blind fans are eagerly awaiting the last episodes of Season 5 to drop, especially after the preview clips tease wedding footage for couples Stacy and Izzy as well as Lydia and Milton.

However, having a wedding ceremony is no guarantee that the couple actually went through with their nuptials and made their marriage official. Actually, according to court records, one of the Love Is Blind Season 5 couples with a wedding ceremony in the previews DID NOT make it official!

Love Is Blind 5 Milton and Lydia wedding

Did Milton and Lydia get married?

Based on what viewers have seen on the show, it doesn’t seem like 24-year-old petroleum engineer Milton and 30-year-old Puerto Rican geologist Lydia are an ideal match.

In addition to the age gap between them, Milton and Lydia appear to have dramatically different personality types. Many fans have commented that Lydia seems desperate to impress Uche and Izzy after being rejected by both men. If that is the case, surely she wouldn’t actually marry Milton, right?


According to Harris County court records, Milton and Lydia DID get married on May 31, 2022. Yes, they got married well over a year ago — which is consistent with when Love Is Blind Season 5 was filmed.

Milton and Lydia filed for their marriage license on May 13. The license was returned and the marriage was officially filed on June 24.

Love Is Blind Milton and Lydia marriage license

There isn’t much information on the marriage license itself. It appears as though Milton and Lydia hired Anthony Cox from Tie The Knot With Tony to officiate the ceremony. Also, the address provided on the license is that of Milton’s parents.

Congratulations to Milton and Lydia! It will be fascinating to get an update on them after the season ends to see if they are still together or not, and whether or not they have children!

Love Is Blind Lydia wedding photo

NOTE: I did check court records and there doesn’t appear to be a divorce filing for the couple in Harris County.

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