LOVE IS BLIND Part of Izzy’s wedding letter to Stacy was cut out

Love Is Blind Izzy's wedding letter to Stacy

On the Love Is Blind Season 5 finale, Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder finally make their way to the altar with a beautiful wedding ceremony as friends and family (and millions of viewers) anxiously watch to see if the couple actually gets married or not.

Prior to the ceremony, Netflix cameras roll as Izzy and Stacy prepare for their big day. As part of Izzy’s preparation, his groomsmen convince him to write a letter to Stacy expressing exactly how he feels.

Izzy answers his groomsmen’s call as he pens a letter that includes an impromptu love poem.

Stacy is speaking with her mom when Izzy’s best man delivers the note. Stacy seems genuinely surprised and appreciative as she reads the note out loud for her mom and for viewers.

The reading of the letter scene includes a portion read out loud by Izzy to his groomsmen, and also featured a fairly clear look at the letter itself.

Izzy’s wedding letter to Stacy

Why I love you

You never get complacey

You’re so hot, turn on the AC

Wanna glue my hands on your boobs like a pasty

With you, I love the chasey

Why am I here wanting to marry you?

Because I’m madly in love with you, Stacy

I know you’re nervous, scared, worried, but just know I’m here. Always will be that loving, calming, reassuring man who will fight every day for you…I love you.

Izzy oh Izzy

Part of Izzy’s letter edited out?

You will notice that Izzy’s letter above has an ellipse in the last paragraph. That’s because show producers did not include one sentence.

Unfortunately, in the footage of the letter itself, that sentence is a bit blurry and behind Stacy’s veil. It’s also partially obscured by her hand.

I tried to figure out what it says, but all I can be sure of is the sentence appears to start with “I can’t wait…” I’m going to guess that maybe it was a comment about their wedding night that was a bit NSFW?

Here is an un-enhanced screen cap of the portion of the letter with the missing sentence:

Love Is Blind Izzy's wedding letter to Stacy had a deleted sentence

Perhaps Izzy and/or Stacy will reveal what the omitted sentence says during the Love is Blind Season 5 Reunion? To find out, be sure to load up Netflix this Sunday night at 8/7c!

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