Who gets married on Love Is Blind Season 6? SPOILERS

Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers - Who gets engaged and who gets married?

We are just hours away from the premiere of Love Is Blind Season 6 on Netflix, and we finally have some potentially HUGE spoilers revealing which cast members got engaged and which cast members actually got married! The tea also includes which cast members got together AFTER getting engaged to someone else!

The Love Is Blind Season 6 marriage spoilers were dropped by redditor u/Strong-Apartment-451 earlier today. The tea came in the form of a screen capped message from an alleged producer originally captured by another redditor.

I realize this sounds like some very watered down tea, but all of the information seems to line up perfectly with everything that has been speculated so far based on the preview trailers and social media.

Plus, the information explains all the “love triangle” talk and why we see cast members in the trailer who didn’t get engaged seemingly being close with other cast members after leaving the pods.

Let’s get on with the spoilers! Couple by couple… by throuple by fourple!?

Love Is Blind Season 6 Do Kenneth and Brittany get engaged?

Brittany and Kenneth

As we previously reported, the most recent Netflix preview trailer did a great job of obfuscating who 26-year-old middle school principal Kenneth Gorham got engaged to. From our previous article:

At one point we see Kenneth laughing with Amber Desiree “AD”, who is another cast member who clearly gets engaged this season. But, later in the preview clip, it appears as though Kenneth is having a heart-to-heart with Chelsea Blackwell about being more open about his feelings.

We dug a little deeper and determined that the evidence pointed at Kenneth getting engaged to 25-year-old Brittany Mills.

The new report backs up the Kenneth and Brittany engagement speculation. Unfortunately for the #Kentany stans out there, it doesn’t appear to be a happily ever after for the couple.

The two reportedly decide to call it quits before the wedding due to a lack of chemistry. They do not make it to the altar.

Love Is Blind Do Amy and Johnny get married?

Johnny and Amy

Netflix was a little less successful at hiding the Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés engagement in the preview trailers. We were able to determine they were together simply by matching up clothes, jewelry, and tattoos from various scenes.

The new report confirms that Johnny and Amy get engaged. I speculated based on what we saw in the trailer (and partially on social media posts by both) that Johnny and Amy do not get married.

Apparently, I was wrong! The Reddit scoop says Johnny and Amy DO get married! And I will spoil the rest of the spoilers by saying marriages were not nearly as common as proposals this season.

Love Is Blind Season 6 SPOILERS Jessica Jimmy Chelsea Trevor

Jimmy and Chelsea, Jessica and Trevor

OK, this is where some of the confusing parts from the trailer get clarified! According to the alleged production leak, Jimmy and Chelsea get engaged during/after the pods and they go on the group vacation together.

However, the relationship apparently doesn’t work out and falls apart before they get to the altar. It’s unclear why they didn’t work out, but it might be because they both had strong connections with other cast members!

Jimmy reportedly had a strong connection with single mom Jessica Vestal, and Chelsea reportedly got close with Trevor. That would certainly help explain why we see so much of Jessica and Trevor in the trailers!

The redditor adds to the alleged message from a producer by claiming Jessica and Trevor will be on the second season of Netflix’s Perfect Match. That would also help explain why they are getting a lot of exposure.

If the report of Jessica and Trevor being on Perfect Match Season 2 is true, then I assume their relationships with Jimmy and Chelsea did not work out?

Love Is Blind Do AD and Clay get married?

Clay and Amber Desiree “AD”

In the Love Is Blind Season 6 preview trailer it seems clear that AD will be making it to the altar this season. The new report confirms her wedding and reveals that her fiancé is Clay.

AD seems to be having some serious cold feet in the trailer, but apparently she warms up to the idea of marrying Clay and says “yes” during the wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, Clay is the one who succumbs to frigid feet as he reportedly says “no” at the altar! Despite the nuptial snub, the redditor who posted the tea says AD and Clay are still together.

“They are commenting on social media posts and have a Tik Tok from Thanksgiving together at Clays family,” the posts states.

Love Is Blind Laura Jeramey and Sarah Ann love triangle spoilers

Jeramey and Laura (and Sarah Ann)

Jeramey and Laura look like they will be the controversial couple everyone will be buzzing about this season! After getting engaged and going on the cast vacay, Jeramey reportedly met up with another cast member, Sarah Ann!

Here is exactly what the message says: “Jeramy met up with Sarah Anne after pods and Laura broke up with him. Jeramy and Sarah Anne pursuing connection.”

In the preview trailer, we see Laura sharing a message on her phone with Jessica. “If there’s ever a chance your mind is shifting in your choice,” she reads out loud. 😬

With five proposals and LOTS of other love interests waiting in the wings, it sounds like Love Is Blind Season 6 is going to be a WILD ride! Knowing these spoilers (if they prove to be true) takes absoutely nothing away from my excitement to see all the drama (and potential happy endings) play out on screen!

Love Is Blind Season 6 premieres Wednesday, February 14 on Netflix.

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