Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion looks PHOTOS

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion looks

The dramatic fifth season of Netflix’s popular dating reality series Love Is Blind has come to an end. At least 24 single men and women entered the show’s famous dating pods looking to form a Platonic connection and potentially meet their future husbands or wives.

The end result was multiple proposals, and of course, a lot of drama! And the drama wasn’t just on screen. There were reportedly six proposals during Love Is Blind Season 5, yet viewers only saw three couples make the post-pod trip to Mexico.

Love Is Blind viewers are quite familiar with Renee and Carter as they were featured throughout the season — including the dramatic barbecue reunion. However, their proposal and everything after was cut!

In case you missed it, Renee and Carter proposed and went on the trip to Mexico with the other three couples. They also participated in the wedding dress and tuxedo shopping scenes. There are reports that the couple had a wedding, but those are unconfirmed.

As we previously reported, Carter and Renee filed for a marriage license in May of 2022. But, just like Izzy and Stacy, the license was never returned.

Producers left some of the footage with Renee at the wedding dress shop and tried to cover it up by labeling her as a member of the “Pod Squad.” In contrast, producers were able to almost completely erase Carter from the tuxedo shopping scenes, although you can catch a glimpse of his bald head here an there.

Why were Renee and Carter cut from Love Is Blind? That question still hasn’t been answered clearly. Perhaps it will be addressed at the Reunion?

Tran Dang also accepted a proposal on the show. However, she later sued the production company alleging she was sexually assaulted by her fiancé and was falsely imprisoned. All of their scenes were cut.

Paige Tillman and Josh Simmons also got engaged, and their relationship was reportedly full of “love, beautiful moments and happiness.” Their relationship was completely cut as well, and it’s not clear why. Perhaps producers didn’t think they had enough drama to be entertaining enough for Love Is Blind viewers?

Unfortunately, none of the Love Is Blind Season 5 participants mentioned above will likely be at the Reunion airing Sunday night. That is based on the Love Is Blind Season 5 preview trailer recently released by Netflix:

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion looks

In addition to the preview trailer, Netflix also released photos of the Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion looks worn by the women in attendance. The five featured looks are included all together at the top of this post. Below is a closer look at the ladies, who all look STUNNING!

Lydia Velez Gonzalez

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion Lydia Velez Gonzalez dress

First up is Lydia. We give her top billing because she was the only woman on the show who made it all the way to the altar and said “yes.”

Lydia’s rocking a full-length, long-sleeve black gown with a vicious plunging V-neckline exposing her (geological term alert) cleavage.

Love Is Blind viewers will be interested to get updates on Lydia and Milton’s marriage. Are they still together? Do they have children? (We previously shared the scoop that there is no divorce filing for the couple in Harris County, Texas. That doesn’t mean they haven’t filed somewhere else though.)

In addition to the relationship update, I’m sure lots of viewers (like myself) will be DYING to hear more from Lydia and Uche about their drama! Did Lydia know that Uche was going to be on the show before applying herself? How bad was Lydia’s Instagram stalking? What’s the scoop on Uche’s cheating? SOOO many questions!

Stacy Snyder

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion Stacy Snyder dress

Next up is Stacy Snyder, the only other woman to actually make it to the altar (on camera) during Love Is Blind Season 5.

Stacy is wearing the most revealing Reunion look in her velvety maroon wrap dress. It’s clearly obvious that teaching those pilates classes has paid off!

The biggest Reunion questions for Stacy are obvious. Are Izzy and Stacy still together? If not, what was the final straw? Does Stacy work for her dad? Did Izzy ever get a credit card? What was the sentence that producers edited out of Izzy’s wedding day note to Stacy?

Taylor Rue

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion Taylor Rue dress

Taylor rue is looking like a living award statuette in her full-length gold dress. Taylor’s curves are on full display, and JP will be disappointed to see that she does appear to be wearing makeup.

There will be a lot of viewers glued to their screens Sunday night in hopes of seeing Taylor, the Lacheys, and the rest of the Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion attendees absolutely trash JP for his coldness towards Taylor in Mexico and his explanation that it was because she wore a lot of makeup one time.

Will JP apologize, or will he double down?

Johnie Maraist

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion Johnie Maraist dress

Johnie Maraist is rocking a shoulderless full-length sparkly blue dress. The color is appropriate as Johnnie seemed to spend a lot of the season being blue.

However, she seemingly turned things around by reuniting with Chris Fox at the airport and rekindling their podmance. They seemed to be happy together at the barbecue, but things quickly fell apart thanks to an aggressive and very vocal assault from Izzy and Stacy.

Will Izzy and Stacy continue their sketchykrieg assault on Johnie at the Reunion? Or is all that drama just water under the bridge? Plus, are Johnie and Chris still together?

Aaliyah Cosby

Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion Aaliyah Cosby dress

Aaliyah Cosby is making it work in her satiny beige full-length Reunion dress!

So, what are viewers looking forward to most from Aaliyah at the Reunion? Three things: Uche, Uche and Uche! Well, there’s also the question of whether or not Aaliyah and Lydia are still friends — but that’s still kind of an Uche question.

To check out the ladies looks at length, and get all the juicy updates, be sure to tune in for the Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion streaming Sunday night at 8/7c on Netflix!

All photos: Netflix

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