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Teen Mom Young Moms Club premiere ratings lower than Pretty Little Mamas premiere

MTV pulled their Pretty Little Mamas reality series from the air late last year after just two episodes due to disappointing ratings. The network later made the surprise announcement that they were going to repackage the show as an official addition to the Teen Mom franchise under the new title Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. MTV explained the change by revealing they “quickly realized that story is best told through the #TeenMom lens.” So how did the revamped premiere do this time around? Not good. Not good at all.

Teen Mom Young Moms Club Update on Alyssa’s mom’s battle with brain cancer

On the premiere season of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, young mom Alyssa has difficulty planning her wedding soon after her mother Christina is diagnosed with brain cancer. Keep reading to watch an emotional preview clip in which Alyssa talks with her dad about the possibility of moving up the wedding date in hopes that her mom would be able to attend. Unfortunately, that would not be the case as Christina tragically passed away much too soon at the age of 44.

VIDEO Pretty Little Mamas trailer before it was Teen Mom Young Moms Club

MTV recently announced they are bringing back their prematurely cancelled reality series Pretty Little Mamas as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. The show’s Twitter account explained the rebranding by revealing that producers believed the moms’ stories were “best told through the #TeenMom lens.” So, what does that mean exactly? We tracked down the original PLM trailer so that you can see it side-by-side with the new Teen Mom YMC trailer. The difference is pretty mind blowing!

MTV explains renaming Pretty Little Mamas as Teen Mom Young Moms Club, Tyler responds, plus new trailer

MTV made the surprise announcement last week that they will be bringing back their cancelled reality series Pretty Little Mamas under the new title Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. On Thursday, the show’s official Twitter account finally addressed the reason for the rebranding — and explanation that DID NOT impress Teen Mom OG dad Tyler Baltierra!

MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas returning as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club – preview trailer and premiere date!

Last fall, MTV did a lot of marketing for their new series Pretty Little Mamas, and they even gave the show the best time slot available — right after the network’s super hot Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on Thursday nights. But, the five very Instagram-ready young moms from San Diego were unable to pull in the ratings, and MTV made the surprise move of canceling the series after just two episodes with no official announcement whatsoever. As it turns out, the network didn’t cancel the series after all, they were merely rebranding it as an official member of the Teen Mom franchise!

Teen Mom Young Moms Club Cast friend Briana ‘Bree’ Williams and mom were murdered by her brother in brutal stabbing

On the series premiere of MTV’s series Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, it was revealed that four of the five main cast members have been friends since high school, and that they all suffered through the tragedy of losing another of their close friends, Briana “Bree” Williams. In the episode it stated that Bree and her mother were murdered, but it didn’t reveal that they were both murdered in their own home by Bree’s brother.