VIDEO The new “Mad Max” trailer has people losing their minds

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Four days ago, the first proper trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road debuted on YouTube. Since then, it’s clocked a staggering 6.5 million views, and left a trail of broken, jubilant brain-pieces in its wake. Because people are going absolutely crazy for this thing:



“Absolutely demented,” declares CNet. “Just put the movie on everybody’s radar,” says Business Insider. Slate Magazine? It’s “pure, unleaded insanity.Gizmodo: “Amazing.” calls it a “post-apocalyptic orgasm.” Hitfix is likewise unabashed: this trailer is “chock full of the absolute best kind of crazy.” The Sacramento Bee keeps pace with the giddy superlatives, dipping into seventh-grade territory to call it “totally awesome.


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And, in fairness to all of those publications (plus the hundreds of thousands of fanboys drooling in comment threads), it is a pretty intense look at what’s sure to be a really fun summer popcorn movie. Whether it’s short on plot or not, the first installment in the Mad Max franchise in 30 years (it’s fair to call this one a reboot) is doubtless full of enough ‘splosions, crazy cars, half-mad declarations, and bleak landscape shots to fill an afternoon with stimulation. If that’s not the underlying point of the whole endeavor, what is?


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One thing the trailer has hardly at all? Mr. Tom “T-Hard” Hardy, who’s got the title role. The dude’s almost there to be seen; aside from a couple of voice-overs and a couple of “Tom Hardy is pretty” establishing shots, we don’t see him at all. Plenty of Charlize Theron (she goes by “C-Ther,” now, but we’ll stick with her full name), who’s almost unrecognizable. There’s an interesting choice by Warner Brothers.

But it’s also kind of the point with a trailer like this. If you’re a fan of T-Hard (or just his looks [or both]), you’ve been expecting a Mad Max trailer for awhile now. If not, the trailer gives you a glimpse into the gleeful madness of the near-apocalyptic water wars.

In either case, it’s a lovely day for you. Innit? What say, folks? Are you excited for this filmic diversion? Will you be lining up next summer?

Mad Mad: Fury Road drops exactly five months from today: on May 15th, 2015.

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