VIDEO Teen Mom Young and Pregnant returns October 15, watch the trailer!

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Season 2 premieres October 15 2018 on MTV

MTV has just announced their reality series Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant will be back on October 15 with all five original moms returning!

The announcement came with a preview trailer in which fans get a brief glimpse of some of the drama to expect this season:

“Last season, five moms-to-be literally mommed up,” the narrator begins, accompanied by flashback clips. “Now, on Monday, October 15, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is back. The babies have arrived. But how did these moms handle what comes next? Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns with all new episodes on Monday, October 15 on MTV.”

As mentioned above, and as evidenced by the trailer, viewers will be able to catch up on the entire cast. Lexi Tatman, Ashley Jones, Jade Cline, Kayla Sessler, and Brianna Jaramillo will all be back, as will their babies: Tobias, Holly, Kloie, Izaiah, and Braeson, respectively.

Some of the things viewers may see this season include Kayla finally calling it quits with Stephan, Jade and Sean remaining on the outs (though there are rumors they are now back together), Lexi and Kyler trying to make things work, and Brianna’s relocation to Oregon.

Oh, and then there is Ashley. She could have her own-spin-off with all the drama in her life over the past six months, including the controversial video in which she could be seen slapping herself before then accusing Bar of beating her, multiple run-ins with Bar’s mom Shen (eventually resulting in Shen quitting the show once again), a feud with Teen Mom 2 cast member Briana DeJesus over Javi Marroquin, that whole flat Earth thing, and at least one break up with Bar.

And that doesn’t even cover all the stuff going on in Bar’s life, including another arrest, the appeal of his brother Troy’s murder conviction, his foster sister being shot multiple times, and the release of his new rap song!

In case you missed it, MTV officially gave the green light to a new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant back in June, after the show experienced a rather sizable ratings turnaround when new episodes were aired after Teen Mom 2 instead of Teen Mom OG. At the time, most of the reports indicated that the renewal was for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 2, but we’ve since spoken with a couple of sources who tell us that the run of episodes beginning on October 15 will actually be Season 1b.

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We haven’t been able to *officially* confirm what the upcoming season is, but MTV seems to have gone out of its way to not say Season 2, so I am leaning towards this being Season 1b. That being said, I’m not sure whether or not the Season 2 announcement was actually for a new season entirely or what. In order for this batch of episodes to be ready to air by October, filming must have been happening for a while, so it’s not too far fetched to think that the network has already committed to more.

Regardless of what season it is, I’m excited to catch back up with these moms! What about you? Will you be tuned in when Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns on October 15?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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