TEEN MOM Ashley’s husband Bar Smith arrested in Nevada, held without bond

Teen Mom The Next Chapter dad Bariki Bar Smith arrested in Nevada in August, 2022

MTV is all set to premiere it’s new combined series Teen Mom: The Next Chapter next week, but it appears that at least one cast member will not be tuning in. According to jail records, Ashley Jones’ husband Bariki “Bar” Smith is currently in jail in Nevada and being held without bond.

The Ashley broke the news of Bar’s latest arrest earlier today, and a quick glance at the inmate roster of Henderson Detention Center confirms that the 25-year-old reality star dad is currently in custody after being arrested more than a week ago. Bar’s listing states that he was booked on August 22 as a fugitive from another state.

We do not have any specific details on Bar’s warrant, but it is likely that it stems from his California arrest last March for felony willful discharge of firearm in a negligent manner. That case is still pending, so it appears that Bar may have left the state and violated the terms of his bail?

The Nevada statute cited on Bar’s jail record is 179.203, which states that someone has broken the law if he/she “has fled from justice, or with having been convicted of a crime in that state and having escaped from confinement, or having broken the terms of the person’s bail, probation or parole and is believed to be in this state.” That certainly seems to fit.

If you are curious why Bar was in Nevada, MTV answered that question with their blurb about what to expect from Ashley and Bar on the premiere season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter:

Ashley’s world is turned upside down when Bar checks himself into rehab. Once he’s back home, Ashley gets accepted to nursing school and moves her family to Nevada.

The Ashley reports that Bar’s next court hearing is scheduled for September 13, so it’s unlikely that he will be released or transferred before then.

Ironically, MTV recently shared a post promoting Teen Mom: The Next Chapter bragging about “how much Ashley + Bar have grown in just a few years.” I would have to assume that producers were aware of Bar’s incarceration when this post was made yesterday:

Ashley has yet to publicly respond to Bar’s most recent incarceration. Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will premiere Tuesday, September 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

Bar’s Mom Shen Explains Arrest

Bar’s mom Shen has responded to his arrest on Instagram and claims it was all a big misunderstanding — an attorney not doing a good job.
Shen posted a screen cap of The Ashley’s article and in the caption she seemed to suggest that producers of the show were the ones that leaked the story. “Producers hella funny,” she wrote, “they dropped it quick soon as they were told!”

Shen added a very brief explanation: “So for the record my son had warrant he didn’t know he had. His lawyer did not call him.”

Shen continued to defend Bar and offer up mire information in the comments. She also flat out says that producers leaked the story. Here are a few of her interactions:

COMMENT: At the end of the day he’s a grown man and he knows his responsibilities so he shouldn’t have someone else tell him whether or not he got a warrant. He knows what he did. He knows what he’s taking care of and when it has not been taken care of. All I can say is I wish him and Ashley the best and I’m praying for Miss Holly
SHEN: He paid attorney to do a job. That’s what u do in cases. So if he did not tell him what he needed to tell him, whose fault is that? U hire a lawyer and trust they doing they job. Sheesh! U want Bar to be wrong so bad, or make this negative so bad. Please try truth. This is what happened.

SHEN: He didn’t get in trouble, love. It’s literally miscommunication. He is doing everything he needs to do. This is a sh**ty situation that should not have happened.

COMMENT: He mite be doing good and all, but it’s the same thing over and over and u end up with ya feeling hurt. So y even speak on it, or get involved when u gonna get the ass end of the stick. Did Ashley say something about it? So y even set yourself up.
SHEN: I don’t know what she said, I am not her. Me and Bar laughed about it on the phone because it’s gets so blown up. It’s not the same thing. This was miscommunication, not the others that were charged he allegedly did. I shared it to speak what I felt I needed to say. That’s my choice and this is not bad. If I was bashing him okay. I shared what’s already public knowledge and producers leaked it cause we all knew before them and we stayed silent.

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