TEEN MOM Y&P Bar’s brother Troy Seales convicted of murder, mom Shen angry at justice system and Bar

Teen Mom Bar's brother Troy Seales found guilty of murder

As we previously reported, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Bariki “Bar” Smith’s older brother Troy Seales was on trial for murder in Oakland this week, and on Friday a jury returned a verdict of guilty.

The jury deliberated for roughly one day before returning with the guilty verdict on the murder charge, as well as a guilty verdict on the charge of shooting at an occupied vehicle. In case you missed it, 30-year-old Troy was accused of shooting and killing 22-year-old Deandre Adams on August 25. Adams was reportedly driving around in East Oakland when Troy and an accomplice, 18-year-old Dupree Riley, opened fire on his car. From East Bay Times:

Adams was shot multiple times as he drove on Olive Street between 88th and 90th avenues. His car crashed in the 9200 block of Olive Street, and he staggered out, leaving a trail of blood on the street, as he made his way into a driveway.

An off-duty EMT tried to help as he awaited paramedics, but Adams died at Highland Hospital.

Troy Seales is still awaiting sentencing next month, which will only be made worse because of his previous nine felony convictions.

Dupree Riley has been charged with attempted murder, but his trial is on hold until after a mental health evaluation scheduled later this month.

Bariki Smith, who has been relatively silent about his brother’s trial, shared a lengthy Instagram post updating fans as he insisted that Troy is innocent and that the conviction was a travesty of justice. The post was accompanied by a photo of Troy (below) and a photo of what Bar claims to be a jury member asleep during the trial:

Troy Seales Teen Mom Young and Pregnant arrested for murder

Everyone wants to know what’s really going on, well listen. I have a older brother named Troy Marshall Seales, who today was cheated out of the rest of his life. He has been fighting a murder charge since September of 2017, he has been in trial for this murder charge for the last 2 weeks, he was completely snatched of all opportunity at having a second chance at life, a innocent man should be given the same equal opportunities as everyone else in this world. In this trial literally everything bad has happened from horrible lawyer representation to jurors (who decided whether he was guilty or not) falling asleep in mid trial.

I know my older brother and I know he is an amazing, loving, kind hearted person no matter what background he has. Yes he doesn’t have the best criminal background and he has done time and openly admitted to his faults, but one thing he has NEVER been is violent, and with MURDER to be something someone actually committed, they would’ve had to be a violent person. TROY SEALES wouldn’t hurt a fly, he would literally give the clothes off of his back if need be. My oldest brother has 27 DAYS until he is sentenced and will be gone forever and no one will ever be able to physically show him love again, he will never be able to physical hold his niece and properly meet her (my daughter), his sons will never get to have good times with their father again and no one will ever get to go on a family date with him EVER!

If you call yourself a supporter of me and you actually care PLEASE!!! Repost this PLEASE help draw as much attention as possible to him and have people show that he is actually an amazing person help him get the fair chance at seeing daylight again!!! TAG ALL NEWS STATIONS TAG ALL BLOGS TAG ANYONE THAT HAS A SIGNIFICANT VOICE IN THIS WORLD!!!! WITHOUT A SECOND TRIAL HIS LIFE WILL BE OVER WITH!!! AND THIS IS NOT TO IDENTIFY ANYONE ON THE JURY IT IS SIMPLY TO SHOW THE HARSH REALITY OF THIS SITUATION!!! #FreeTroy #InjusticeIsNoJustice #StickTogetherToGrow
#Teenmom #TMYP

One commenter was a little less than supportive and she wrote: “You know who else doesn’t get to see their family again? The guy he MURDERED.” Both Bar and Ashley responded:

BAR: There was literally NO evidence to prove he was guilty…. This is a recurring problem in the Justice and it’s a recurring problem because of ignorance f**ks like you, who jump the gun and doesn’t give people a chance. So f**k you and keep your ignorant a** hate to yourself

ASHLEY: your miserable ! My brother in law is a wonderful man . A much better man than YOU can ever hope to get . Next time you wanna sh!t out of your mouth make sure peoples feelings aren’t in the way . ?? #tomuchtrashonthisearth

Bar and Troy’s outspoken mom Shenandoah “Shen” Williams also shared her reaction to the conviction in a string of posts on multiple social media platforms. “Okay lawyer doing his part and I have notified news stations, human rights commission, federal civil rights, and a few others,” Shen wrote, “mommy is in fight mode now. We will get justice and make sure this never happens to another family again.”

One angle for justice that Shen seems determined to follow up on are allegations that at least one of the jurors fell asleep during the trial. Just like Bar, she posted a photo of the jury and called them out! Here is that post with the jurors pixelated:

Teen Mom Shen Shenandoah Williams son Troy Seales murder trial jury photo

Strangely, of Shen’s numerous posts after the verdict, most all of them were expressing anger at Bariki for trying to use Troy’s trial as a story line for the show when he has allegedly shown little support for Troy throughout the trial. In her many, many, many posts expressing anger at Bar’s Instagram plea for justice, Shen claims that he was only at Troy’s two-week trial once for half a day. She also remains quite salty about the restraining order against her filed by Ashley, which was tossed by a judge this week due to lack of evidence. As usual with Shen, I will step out of the way and let her speak for herself. I’ve done some slight grammatical editing where it seemed necessary, but otherwise it is 100% Shen:

SHEN: So my thirsty ass son is capitalizing on this families injustice and pain he wasn’t even at the trial. He is pathetic he already sold his soul and his mother now u want to f**k your brother up legally well lets be clear there was a sleeping juror so this is far from the outcome some one run this to his ass. But he needed a story line smh

SHEN: Bar crying they took his brother smh u didn’t even sit thru his trial or put up one dime for lawyer smh u just got a story line minutes after verdict he calls MTV not his family smh pathetic today I lost 2 sons but my 1st born we will fix this I won’t stop until justice is served a sleeping juror cannot decide anyone’s fate.

COMMENTER: Were they trying to film that for tv?

SHEN: They tried smh my son wasn’t even at the trial for his brother he has lied on the show like he is with us and doing all he can he didn’t even put up 10 dollars for lawyer nor did he sit thru the trial he has turned into someone I don’t know. He didn’t even call his family he called MTV but they not gonna air that Ashley and her mother lied in a court and the judge caught them in lies and dissolved the order for no grounds they had no proof of anything they put in that order I brung all my evidence and the judge ruled in my favor. They not airing that the sister who punched me is this person she posted this after her and Ashley attacked me

COMMENTER: You are a good mom and grandma, we can only do so much then they leave and we hope they learned right from wrong, not sure but maybe Bar slept in that day

SHEN: For 2 weeks he was at the trial he came one day for half day he was too busy attacking me filing fraud orders that got dissolved for no grounds and they lied and had no evidence he called his sister and said stop posting or we will ruin your life and file order well he keeps trying to hurt my life but he forgot who I am. Now he is threatening his baby sister lively hood smh

SHEN: So now he is trying to also what we already started so he can have the credit and story line well u forgot who yo momma is I already got it in play so go back to your fame mtv world and let us who really care. We have spoken to attorney and it is on play so no u will not get this story line. Find another one. U both have called us to fix Every thing for yall and this family and then pretend u did it for the show smh. Call me and say I have a big social media platform way bigger than yours but that’s not the point we as a family have already talked about what we doing and now u wanna jump on social media and act like its u okay if it works for u go for it but u r a liar u weren’t even at the trial smh this is another grasp at story line

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s still unclear just how much of Troy’s arrest and trial will be featured on Teen Mom Young and Pregnant. Shen appears to be serious about her previous announcement that she has quit the show, and if Bar really wasn’t at the trial except for half of one day, it does seem unlikely that the trial will be a huge part of his story line. Of course, producers could just handle the whole thing from a distance, documenting it’s effect on Bar and Ashley, without any trial footage.

New episodes of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant air Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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