TEEN MOM Why are Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones feuding? Full recap!

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus Ashley Jones feud on Twitter

Former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus has already hopped franchises to Teen Mom 2, but now she’s branching out her drama web to MTV’s newest installment in the franchise! Briana sparked a bitter Twitter battle with Ashley Jones from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant — and of course it all has to do with that other franchise hopper, Javi Marroquin.

The feud ignited after a rather vague tweet by Briana Saturday night in which she mysteriously declared: “I f**kkkkkkkeddddd uppppppppp.”
Ashley, who only recently returned to Twitter after a brief hiatus, saw an opportunity to offer up her thoughts. “By f**king Javi ??” she responded.

That comment got Kail Lowry’s emoji fingers all twitchy. She couldn’t resist chiming in, and in turn got a similar response from Ashley:

Briana didn’t respond to Ashley until the following day, but I am going to fast forward to those interactions before returning to the other conversations Ashley had about the topic with other Twitter users.
ASHLEY: @_BrianaDejesus wassup mama, why you got so much to say about me??
BRIANA: What? Lmao nobody talks about u weirdo. Don’t even know who u are.
ASHLEY: And let’s not call people names. I have a few in mind that will suit you ❤️❤️❤️
BRIANA: Stop reaching lol

ASHLEY: Reaching for what babe? Our ratings are great. You’re the one that sold your soul to Dr. Miami for that botched ass box body. Seems like YOU WERE REACHING. Don’t play with me. #gogetursister

ASHLEY: You’re the only one that’s sweating that pass around d!ck. Just because you delete your live doesn’t mean no one saw it babe. Since you have no clue who I am then there’s no reason you should be talking about me ❤️
ASHLEY: That’s cute Sis. Let’s just set the the record straight. No one wants Javi.
ASHLEY: I don’t want Javi ??? never even considered him. Move along Sis
TWEET: If you did he would already be on the next flight to Oakland ?
TWEET: @_BrianaDejesus It’s like every other week someone is beefing with you. They claim they don’t care about you but always starting bullshit

BRIANA: Ain’t nobody worried about shrimpy lol

ASHLEY: Moral of the story. I don’t speak on you. Don’t speak on me. I’m not Leah, or Kail. I’m sure I’ll see you at TRL. Can can talk this whole thing out. Just make sure you leash that chihuahua. Cause we all got sisters ❤️❤️
ASHLEY: ?? I’m not beefing babe. You should be mad at Javi. Not me. ❤️❤️
ASHLEY: Silly goose. See you in October ❤️

* * * * * * * * * * * *
UPDATE – Briana responded to our story by tweeting “Nobody is fighting over anyone lol.” I realized that Briana’s right in that she never once mentioned Javi; she was merely stating that she thought Ashley was responding to her and trying to provoke her on Twitter to get attention.
* * * * * * * * * * * *

OK, I am fairly sure that that’s all the interactions between Briana and Ashley. (Briana does have one of reality television’s quickest tweet-n-delete hair triggers, though, so I could have missed something.)
Here are the rest of Ashley’s comments about Briana and Javi, including her seemingly contradictory moral stance in which she condemns Briana for sleeping with Javi, but thinks Javi is “cool.”

We’ll rewind to Ashley’s initial comment about Javi and take it from there:

Ashley Jones Briana DeJesus tweets

TWEET: Didn’t Bar hit you on IG live? And you stayed on live talking about how he hits you all the time in front of your child….? Maybe you should check your own man before talking shit about a REAL MAN like @Javimarroquin9.
ASHLEY: Nah boo. I’m referring to her fuxking her co workers / friends ex husband. Good try tho. I’m unbothered. Also. This tweet was to @_BrianaDejesus. Not you. Don’t like it. SCROLL

ASHLEY: Also. I never said a word about Javi. I think he’s cool. Never met him a day in my life ❤️
TWEET: But anyways, my bad I guess I took the tweet the wrong way then.
ASHLEY: All good babe ❤️
TWEET: I’m going to delete that tweet cause I misread the situation & my intent wasn’t to open old wounds @_mermaidbarbie. But I agree, you do deserve better. You’re a queen and shouldn’t be treated as any less.

TWEET: You’re on tv now baby, better get used to people replying to your tweets that they weren’t directed at. ?
ASHLEY: I am. I’m just reminding you that I’m the grand scheme of things. You’re irrelevant ??

ASHLEY: @_BrianaDejesus wassup mama , why you got so much to say about me ??
TWEET: Bri ain’t scared of nothin so…

ASHLEY: Nah her sister ain’t scared, she’s a chihuahua. ??
TWEET: You literally tried to come at her starting drama and you’re mad she said something about you? Why the f**k are you always starting drama
ASHLEY: No. Im mad that she’s insinuating that I was trying to hook up with javi
ASHLEY: Yup. She talks about me in her lives. So, she got my attention for sure. And I want hers.

TWEET: Where is the live???? lol

TWEET: Prob from 3 months ago! ?? Ashley looking for that attention for a story to sell. She needs money and she needs it now!!!

ASHLEY: I’m paid either way baby. By people like you. Who preach maturity but actively tune in. Check yourself boo
TWEET: Eh. One day y’all will act grown. ?‍♀️ apparently not anytime soon thou! You need them tabloids to pay them bills.
ASHLEY: Yup ?? one day ??
TWEET: Sis. Some things don’t require your energy. If they don’t personally call you out or say it to your face then let it be. People going to talk about you, your whole life???‍♀️

ASHLEY: Nah nah. She talks real loud on live. So I’m just trynna see wassup

TWEET: B*tch you literally was on ig talking about being degraded by fans but you doing the same and FIRST. You been lurking to talk sh*t and now you mad she’s retaliating I’m dead.

TWEET: And then capping for KAIL who literally treated javi like sh*t and sexualizes black men only to be played by one and salty about javi b*tch please
ASHLEY: B*tch ?? your lost. Your not even following the tea. Bye Sis
ASHLEY: What I said had nothing to do with Kail. It had to do with what briana said. Kail just happened to think it was funny. No one is pressed. She wouldn’t bust a grape.

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