TEEN MOM Bar’s mom Shen quits the show over racism, moves to Ohio with daughter Yaz

Shen quits Teen Mom Young and Pregnant again because of racism

There never seems to be a dull moment in the life of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant grandma Shenandoah “Shen” Williams! Bar’s mom’s latest adventure includes pulling up her roots in Las Vegas/California and moving to Akron, Ohio with her young daughter Yaz. This all comes after Shen revealed that she had quit the show again because she thought a post(s) by Ashley’s mom Pastor Tea was racist and MTV refused to address it.

The Shen vs. Pastor Tea drama got so out of hand that I lost track months ago, but one of the things Shen was upset about was an Instagram Live session by Pastor Tea in which she distinguished between white women and black women as far as providing oral sex to men. Here is the video from YouTube in which you can catch the BJ diatribe beginning around the 13:00 mark:

Some of what Pastor Tea had to say:

You tell my daughter to please your son, that she need to give him a bl0w job? Girl, bye! Girl, bye. That’s the best advice you can give your daughter in law? That’s the best advice you can give? Let me tell you something, boo, we don’t lay down for ni**as over here. We boss chicks over here! We movin’ in destiny, we movin’ in what God say do, we doin’ movin’ in all kinds of other stuff. We ain’t worried givin’ no ni**a no bl0w job to keep a man — is you crazy? Maybe that’s what you do! Maybe that’s how you keep yo man, but I ain’t never have to get on my knees to keep no ni**a. I ain’t never have to get on my knees to keep no man. That’s what I just don’t do.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Ashley's mom Pastor Tea bj quote

I’m from the old school, and I tend to know that, you know, our black men — let’s keep it solid here — I know our black men love to deal with them some white girls ’cause they think the white girls just a little easy. A little easy. Because they know us sistas, naw ni**a. You want me on my knees, where da money? Where da money? And don’t act like y’all don’t know what I’m talking about. You gone come up in here, ain’t got no money, and you’re gonna ask me to get on my knees? Listen. Nooo. No, it don’t work like that.

So, in summary, Pastor Tea’s sermon would seem to indicate that you should not give a man oral sex unless he pays you for it?

Anyways, Shen reportedly complained to MTV about the “racial attacks by other cast members” and her concerns were not addressed, so she quit the show. Shen posted the text message included at the top of this post that she claims to have sent to a Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant producer. She captioned the image on Instagram with the following:

I quit for racism period. They promote it i stand against it. Never will i film with MTV nor racists. Now can yall move on to the cast and have a nice day. Back to real life good morning

Shen expounded on her departure statement on Facebook:

Listen PSA i don’t do racism or bullies so i don’t care about when the bullies started u r bullies and for months i been getting harassed all cause of a show leaving groups and Every thing i say get twisted and im over it someone tell me where i go to make private. Im so over this sh!t. I don’t want to do the show my time is over and i made that clear weeks ago to MTV I don’t do racism

So now that u all know I quit the show after the racial attack and rant. I got a phone full of messages ss of threats attacks bullies and they mad u think posting a message changes that. My baby read that message period i isn’t give a f**k who sent it. But i do know u can’t bully me off here. Not with a keyboard. The point is this show was the start of this madness and once ot went racism i was done. Now if u here for the show unfollow cause i made my point weeks ago to producers. So now can we just have a regular day.

As far as Shen relocating to Ohio, many of her followers initially assumed that it was to get away from her husband Bryan. Shen revealed in early August that Bryan had been drinking a lot and things were getting out of hand, so Shen packed up and left with her daughter Yaz. But, Shen has since revealed that she and Bryan have reconciled and that one of the major reasons they moved to Akron is because he is from there and has family in the area.

Shen first announced the move with a Facebook post on September 5. “Me and my baby just drove for 4 days to Akron Ohio ? new life new start.” She continued: “Now I can get my life back in order and give my baby a calm good upbringing away from pain and suffering we feel where we were. I love my kids to death, but I had to do this for Yaz.”

Shen interacted with commenters about the move and revealed her husband’s family connection when asked why she chose Ohio. “My father in law lives there and my husband is from Akron,” Shen wrote. She goes on to say that she really loves it there so far, and Yaz seems to be adjusting well. “My baby loves nature so she chasing baby bunnies and sh!t all over lmao,” Shen revealed. “Now let’s c if my baby is gonna love it after her 1st winter here lol”

One commenter and fan of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant shared a supportive message: “Great news after watching the show I felt for you. Hard being stuck in the middle. Hope you have a peaceful life.”

“Yeah I won’t be involved in that sh!t show,” Shen responded. “And hopefully one day Ashley will grow up and realize the world don’t revolve around her and I can’t be controlled. Her insecurities r a huge problem and she thinks I should cater to her but my son pumped that baby in her not me. It’s crazy She treats me like his side b*tch. Not his mom.”

I confess that I will hate to see Shen leave the show, but I’m sure that Bar, Ashley, and Pastor Tea will be able to provide more than enough drama for another season.

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