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TEEN MOM X’Zayveon tells Kiaya he’ll sell drugs to avoid child support? VIDEO

X’Zayveon, the convicted felon ex of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant mom Kiaya Elliott, recently did an Instagram live stream in which he bragged about potentially becoming a “straight drug dealer” in order to avoid paying Kiaya child support for their son, Amour.

Keep reading to watch X’Zayveon’s stream and also Kiaya’s reaction stream. Plus, a full recap in the form of very memorable quotes from both parents.

TEEN MOM Is Kiaya’s ex X’Zayveon selling guns on Instagram?

As we were the first to report, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant mom Kiaya Elliott’s ex (and Amour’s dad) X’Zayveon was released from prison on May 9 after serving more than three years for multiple felony convictions, including firearm possession and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Judging from X’Zayveon’s social media, he had no problem getting back to what he was doing before prison — and not in a good way.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant cast group texts leaked FULL RECAP

We’ve transcribed all of the leaked group texts between the moms of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant that caused the heated feud between Rachel Beaver and Kayla Sessler. The angry exchanges also created a divide between the cast, with Madisen Beith on Rachel’s side and Kiaya Elliott and Brianna Jaramillo on Kayla’s side.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant ratings still low, moms filming with Babs and Debz OG?

As we previously reported, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant returned for its fifth season (technically Season 3b) in late June and the ratings tied for the lowest in the history of the Teen Mom franchise. The show is now seven episodes in and things aren’t looking much better. Is that why the moms from the show were recently seen in California with Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans and Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen?!