VIDEO Did Sky really quit Black Ink Crew?

Did Sky really quit Black Ink Crew 2

Black Ink Crew‘s Sky has never been one to shy away from the dramatic. She’s as decisive a figure as has appeared on the show, and her high-volume, high-ratchet ways often draw comparisons–both favorable and unfavorable–with Cardi B of Love & Hip Hop New York. So when Sky got into it with Ceaser over Miss Kitty’s role at the shop and in the show, yanked a tablecloth Ghostbusters-style, and strolled out, most viewers were left wondering: “Did Sky really quit Black Ink Crew?”

First off, let’s go to the videotape. Here’s a clip of what may or may not be Sky’s final showdown:

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Sky does have a legitimate beef with Miss Kitty. As she reminded Ceaser, she’s one of the people who’s “held [it] down” for him for years–and their relationship really is more brother-sister than any other on the show.

And, as Sky also put it (as only she could have), Kitty has Ceaser “by the nuts,” while she only has him “by the earlobe. And he might be deaf in that ear.”

Shortly after the episode aired, Sky appeared to back up her actions by re-posting the scene Instagram and adding a choice caption for emphasis:

She also changed her Twitter profile picture to something that really does say a thousand words, many of them four-letters long.

Ceaser, for his part, hasn’t talked about the incident publicly, though he did re-post a different clip from the same scene–when Sky revealed she’d been spying on him with a set of binoculars. And Kitty, who regularly hints at the show’s strategic editing choices without always explaining what the producers left out, seemed to suggest that there’s more to the scene than viewers know:

So it’s entirely possible that tempers are still running high. If Sky really hasn’t quit–or if Ceaser really wants her to come back–it’s likewise possible that neither side wants to look weak by being the first to break the silence. One thing we do know is that the Black Ink Crew Season 5 reunion is currently scheduled to air in May–meaning there are at least three more episodes this season (or four if you count the reunion itself), and thus three chances for Sky and Ceaser to work it out.

Black Ink Crew Season 5 continues Wednesday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Did Sky really quit Black Ink Crew via Instagram)

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