Khloe Kardashian is apparently ready to move to Cleveland, have a bunch of babies, and cook dinner for them every night

Khloe Kardashian pregnant by Tristan Thompson 2

Rumors involving Khloe Kardashian pregnant by Tristan Thompson, her boyfriend of Cleveland Cavaliers fame, have been rampant pretty much since the two were first spotted together on a house hunting date last autumn. In October, Khloe was said to be with child right around the time of Kim’s Paris robbery. And in February, the big rumor was that Tristan popped the question after funding out Khloe was pregnant–and then that Kris Jenner had swooped in and secured a deal to air Khloe and Tristan’s wedding on television.

Currently, Life and Style is trying to get ahead of the pack with the newest pregnancy rumor, claiming that…wait for it…Khloe has “never been happier” and is “ready to start a family” with him.

“Khloé is ready to start the next chapter of her life,” their anonymous source explained. “She wants to get married and start a family of her own….Khloé came out and told Tristan that she wants a classy engagement ring with lots of carats. She’s hoping he’ll pop the question within the next few weeks.” (The article also quotes Khloe saying a bunch of quaint Saturday Evening Post-ish stuff about Cleveland and Midwestern living because she visited Tristan at Christmas and people were nice to her. Which is all well and good when you’re rich enough to have both a driver and driveway shoveling crew on call 24 hours a day. #Midwesterncomplaints)

Khloe, who either didn’t have an assistant around to work the scanner or doesn’t know how to do it herself, recently shared a new photo of herself and Tristan on Instagram:

? US ?

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Judging by the gusher of a birthday message she shared for Tristan last month, it looks like the above photo was taken during those festivities. Though it’s also possible Tristan just really likes that shirt (and, to be fair to him, it’s a really happy shirt):

In related news, Khloe was recently spotted shuffling about greater Calabasas in sweatpants and a lace top and sparked a flurry of gossip that she was depressed over an out-of-nowhere breakup. But Kardashian devoteés will recall that when one of the Kardashians is spotted looking terrible in public, it’s actually part of an elaborate and mysterious family mating ritual, so those pregnancy stories are probably right on the money.

(Photo credits: Khloe Kardashian pregnant by Tristan Thompson via Instagram)

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