VIDEO Footage of Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew brawling on the red carpet at Diddy’s NYE party

Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew 1

Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew may have finally had the brawl to end all brawls (until the next one). According to Rah, she laid Sky out on the red carpet outside Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party — and only broke a nail or two doing it. But Sky’s updates from later that same night make Rah’s story look somewhat suspicious.

According to Rah, whose past appearance on Black Ink Crew resulted in a fight that Sky won, the fisticuffs began when Sky approached Rah before either woman had even made it into the venue. Allegedly, Sky had a hug in mind, but Rah got defensive, and took Sky out when she couldn’t read the woman’s body language.

The former Love & Hip Hop star also suggested that she won the latest round because, unlike earlier fights between Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew, there was no reality TV staff around to intervene.

“No one jumped anyone,” Ali claimed. “No intervening of security from TV shows. None of that stuff, just one-on-one. Just two people, that’s it, nobody else….Tonight, things happened when they were supposed to happen.”

Here’s a YouTube capture of Rah discussing the alleged fight on Instagram Live:

However, Fameolous managed to get their hands on cell phone footage of the fight — and it appears to contradict Rah’s account somewhat. The footage shows a few security guards struggling to separate the women, and, judging by Sky’s bent-over posture, it looks like Rah has a handful of Sky’s hair:

Whoever that Bri chick is y’all keep posting is straight up lying for clout.

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That clip would explain why, in photos of Sky taken from inside the party, she doesn’t appear bruised or banged up (though she probably had someone run a comb through her hair). Note that the dress Sky is wearing in the photos below matches that of the woman with her back to the camera in the above clip:

Royalty? Diddy’s Gorgeous Angels ?? #CirocNewYear

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Finally, just in case you missed it or haven’t seen it in awhile, here’s the Black Ink Crew fight between Rah and Sky, courtesy of VH1:

Black Ink Crew Season 6 continues Wednesday nights at 9 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Rah Ali and Sky from Black Ink Crew via Instagram)

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