Ryan Edwards’ ex girlfriend Katheryn Golden is on Temptation Island

If you’re a Teen Mom OG fan watching the current season of USA’s Temptation Island and you think that one of the cast members looks familiar, you are not mistaken. Ryan Edwards’ ex girlfriend Katheryn Edwards is one of the singles featured on the show — and this is not her first reality TV appearance since she appeared on Teen Mom!

If you need a quick refresher, Ryan was dating Katheryn in Season 2, right at the same time that Maci began dating Kyle King. In one scene featuring Maci and her gal pals, the discussion turns to Ryan’s new woman and two of Maci’s friends combine to let Maci know that Katheryn “is a partying, attention-seeking wh*re with fake boobs.” Ouch!

Maci foreshadows a lot of things to come with her very wise and mature response. “I want him to find a girl that will make him want to be around Bentley more,” she replies.

Katheryn’s most memorable scene came while she and Ryan are chatting on the porch as he plays with Bentley on a wicker love seat. Bentley falls forward off the chair and hits his mouth on a table edge very hard. He cries a bit, but appears to not have been seriously injured. Later, when Maci arrived to pick up Bentley, it was Katheryn who brought up the accident after it was obvious that Ryan wasn’t going to say anything. To make the awkward situation even worse, Ryan didn’t even bother to introduce Maci and Katheryn. And it could be that Ryan didn’t properly introduce Katheryn to MTV producers either, because they misspelled her name! You can see they spelled it “Kathryn” without an “e” in the screen cap at the top of this post.)

Katheryn is now 30 years old and has since relocated from Chattanooga to Nashville where she works as a Medical Aesthetician for Plastic Surgery during the week, and a makeup artist on the weekends. And, from the looks of things, it appears as though she is taking full advantage of her employee discount at her weekday job!

As I mentioned above, Teen Mom OG and Temptation Island are not the only reality show entries on Katheryn’s resume. She also appeared on the Premiere of the Ellen DeGeneres-produced NBC show First Dates in 2017! On the show she was billed as “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” as she met bearded carpet cleaner Woody for drinks and a meal. Here’s how that started out:

After her appearance on First Dates, Katheryn earned herself an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show where he promised to set her up on another date. I’m not sure how that went, but I did find a Times Free Press article about Katheryn being on The Steve Harvey Show which shed a little light on how the First Dates thing happened and how Katheryn isn’t necessarily in a huge rush to get married:

Golden says she was nominated for the show by a sister and agreed to participate just to see what would come of it. The Hixson High School graduate says she has a dream job as a medical aesthetician, a sideline career as a professional makeup artist, a new condo and a new car, so she doesn’t feel as if her life is off-track. “But it would be nice to have someone to share it with,” she says.

Katheryn may need to remain positive about living single, because her flirty ways and appearance got her blocked by another woman on Temptation Island:

You can keep up with Katheryn’s woo pitching with new episodes of Temptation Island airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA!

On a side note, doing a post about one of Ryan’s exes had me thinking about his most memorable ex, Dalis Connell. The last time we checked in on her, she was revealing that Ryan’s previous two trips to rehab were not his first. I did a quick Google search while working on this post, and I was shocked to not be able to find any really recent photos of Dalis, who used to be all about social media. Here is her most recent Instagram photo from August of 2017, which included a caption that suggests she might be struggling with some mental and/or emotional issues:

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