LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Are Brittany and Marcelino faking drama for TV?

On this season of Life After Lockup, viewers watched as power couple Marcelino and Brittany Santiago’s seemingly strong marriage fell apart. Brittany lamented pushing for the threesome with her former prison bunkie, Amanda, and believes that after that menage a trois, her husband Marcelino has lost interest in her.

In addition, Marcelino has reportedly been DMing Amanda on the sly, including a photo of his 🍆. Brittany confronted Amanda in a parking lot and pushed her to the ground. Making matters worse, Brittany also discovered that Marcelino had been seeking sex in internet chat rooms instead of his bedroom.

The consensus among the fans seems to be that Brittany should have thought twice before inviting Amanda into her bedroom and considered what the long-term consequences of that invite might have been.

Marcelino and Brittany have appeared on multiple seasons of Life After Lockup, and each season their story lines seem to get more and more unbelievable. As a result, despite what appears to be genuine emotion from both Marcelino and Brittany this season, fans are openly wondering: is it just for TV?

Adding fuel to the fake story line fire are photos posted by Brittany after filming in which she and Marcelino appear to be quite happy together. The married couple were in LA in May to do some promotional shoots with additional cast members. This picture is from an Instagram gallery dated May 10, 2022:

“Such an amazing vaca 🥰,” Brittany wrote in the gallery caption. “Peace out Cali ✌️.”

The gallery includes an image of Marcelino goofing around on a hotel balcony wearing a robe. “Hubby said, ‘I’m on the beach, in a robe, on a Monday’ lol 😂,” Brittany wrote, tagging Marcelino.

Brittany also posted pictures from a family outing in Las Vegas on May 27, 2022, after she and Marcelino returned from LA. Here is a picture of the couple from that gallery:

However, there is evidence that at least part of Marcelino and Brittany’s story this season is real. Instagram blogger Merrypants shared screen caps of alleged text messages between Marcelino and a “lady texting friend” in which he talks about making his marriage work and no longer being able to see the woman:

On March 22nd, Marcelino writes: “just wanted to put you on what’s coming….yeah, I f&%*ked up but you know it was never my intentions to go behind my wife’s back but nonetheless here we are so……”
On April 10th, Marcelino’s lady friend asks: “you guys work everything out? (Redacted) but I’m happy you found your way back.”
Finally, on April 22nd, Marcelino writes back: “up? my bad…just hella hi and wanted to say goodbye….looks like the marriage is finna work..😊 but I’ll always think about face REDACTED all the while wishing I could see REDACTED next lifetime.”

These messages seem to align with Brittany’s assertions this season that she caught Marcelino cheating via texts and internet chat rooms. And the reconciliation could certainly explain the happy photos of the couple posted in May.

With the season finale of Life After Lockup coming up this Friday 9/8c on WE tv, stay tuned for all the continuing drama with Brittany and Marcelino.

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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