LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Read Clint’s texts with Stephanie, Tracie reacts on Twitter

Love After Lockup Clint and Tracie react to other woman Stephanie's texts

On the current season of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, Clint and Tracie are trying to have a nice, post-probation celebratory getaway to Las Vegas. But, things start to unravel when Tracie uses Clint’s phone to take a selfie with him and he receives a text from a woman named Stephanie — the woman Clint starting texting while Tracie was locked away.

WE tv cameras showed the text messages for only a brief moment, but it was more than enough to grab some clear screen grabs of Stephanie’s woo tactics, even with Clint’s screen being cracked from being thrown so many times.

I will start with a photo of the very first text in which Tracie makes the perfect face for when you are posing for a selfie with your husband (well, he’s not actually her husband at this point) and he receives a message from another woman that reads: “I know she nags on you to much.”

Life After Lockup Clint and Tracie receive text from Stephanie

Tracie then opens up Clint’s texting app and reveals more texts from the aspiring Goddess. “I still have feelings for you. I will be your new Goddess,” Tracie reads. We’re then shown a full screen of texts — all from the previous two hours. Here’s a photo followed by a transcript:

Love After Lockup Clint and other woman Stephanie texts

STEPHANIE: What do you mean its over?? I still have feelings for you ?? don’t you want to see me?
STEPHANIE: Answer me Clint!!!
CLINT: Stephanie my hearts with Tracie now and I just can’t do anything else behind her back

STEPHANIE: But your heart was with licking my head to toe.?

STEPHANIE: Come on baby. You don’t want to miss this chance with this body

STEPHANIE: Hobbs isn’t good for you and she isn’t good for you. Let’s move to Vegas
STEPHANIE: After everything you as said about her
I know I’m better for you
STEPHANIE: ***BOOBS photo*** (I think)

After the episode with the texts aired last week, Tracie responded to comments about it on Twitter with her usual Goddess flair:

TWEET: I think Clint wanted to start a fight so he could get time away from Tracie to message (or possibly meet up with) Stephanie.
TRACIE: God I hope not… she is sooo ugly! It’s sad Clint wanted to settle so low just for a piece of a**! At least get a pretty girl next time! Geez

TWEETS: When he told his dad about it last week, I thought he was saying he talked to some chick while @TracieWagaman was locked up or something. That still would have been messed up, but fixable. I didn’t realize he was STILL talking to this b*tch. That’s absolutely inexcusable ?? And then he had the audacity to get p*ssed off and defensive when Tracie caught him?? Uh huh. Nope. Last season I never would have believed that I’d be rooting for Tracie, but she is absof**kinlutely in the right in this situation. Clint deserves her wrath. What was he thinking?!

TRACIE: Well thnx for rooting for me & understanding why I got all crazy & sh*t toward Clint. We are actually doing much better now.

TWEET: @TracieWagaman Should we whoop Clint’s a** over Stephanie? ???
TRACIE: I thought about it! But I feel more bad for her bc all he wanted was a piece of a**! I mean… did she really think Clint wanted her for her!?

TWEET: He ever messed up again and we’re on his a**!
TRACIE: U got it!

Tracie and Clint appear to still be together, and Tracie has gone so far as to get herself a matching “Clint” tattoo to go with Clint’s “Tracie” tat!

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Tracie gets a Clint Tattoo

In addition to the new tattoo, Tracie also has a whole new look as she changed up her hair color from blonde to brunette to red:

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Tracie makeover red hair

Lookin’ good T!
Stephanie better just delete Clint’s number and move on! There can be only one true Goddess! Am I right Larissa?

90 Day Fiance Larissa Who Is Against The Goddess Will Die Love After Lockup Tracie quote

Be sure to find out how the texting scandal plays out with new episodes of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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