LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte and new girlfriend CeCe photos and video

Love After Lockup Daonte and new girlfriend CeCe

After the Life After Lockup Season finale aired Friday night, show star Daonte Sierra was FINALLY able to confirm that he has a new girlfriend after his split from Lindsey Downs. In addition to formally introducing his social media followers to CeCe, Daonte also confirmed the rumored pregnancy from earlier this year.

“It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time to now finally tell some truth,” Daonte began an Instagram caption accompanying a gallery of photos of himself with CeCe (included below). “When I was going through it and thought that it wasn’t there or meant for me. When I was at my lowest of lows and had my heart broken for the 3rd time in a row. There was somebody there that came and picked up all of the pieces of my broken heart and, has been there through it all and has shown me the love that I never thought that I would ever receive in my life.”

Daonte is quick to point out that his new relationship hasn’t been perfect, and seems to hint that he might have been to blame for their issues so far. “It hasn’t always been easy, we’ve had our problems,” Daonte says. “I haven’t been on my best behavior as a man by any means, but through it all she has remained by my side no matter how much we put each other through.”

Daonte seems to take a little dig at Lindsey when he reveals that CeCe is a mom, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t able to make time for Daonte. “Most of all, even though she’s a mother, even though she works, even though she’s always busy and does everything by herself with no help… this mf here makes me a priority in her life and that’s all I could’ve ever asked for and I love her with everything in me and idc what negative thing anybody has to say.”
Daonte concludes by writing: “Ladies and gentlemen meet CeCe.” Here’s the gallery:

In the gallery caption, Daonte announced that he was going to go live with CeCe later, which he did.

Daonte went live from a hotel room in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday morning. CeCe could be seen still in bed in the background as Daonte explained that she wanted to sleep in. He returned for another Instagram live a couple hours later, and this time CeCe was dressed and awake! Here’s the video:

In the clip, Daonte reveals that he and CeCe met after she slid into his Facebook DMs and told him: “You got a nice ass body.” Daonte also confirms reports that CeCe was pregnant, and reports that CeCe later lost the baby. Neither he nor CeCe elaborated any further on that topic.

Daonte says that CeCe and his mom are close and talk all the time. Unfortunately, CeCe and Daonte’s best bro Derrick have been butting heads a bit, but that relationship is getting better. Oh, and Daonte iterates multiple times that CeCe is NOT A FORMER INMATE.

If you’re curious why Daonte was in a hotel room in Cincinnati, that is likely because CeCe has moved from Miami to Ypsilanti, Michigan — which is just outside of Detroit. It’s unknown how the couple plans to overcome their long distance relationship. Will Daonte be packing his bags and heading to the Motor City, or will CeCe (and her family) be joining Daonte in Virginia? Stay tuned!

Congratulations to Daonte and CeCe! It’s kind of a bummer that the relationship means Daonte won’t be returning for another season of Life After Lockup (or Love After Lockup or Love During Lockup), but the bummer is far outweighed by him potentially having found his happily ever after!

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