LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Jessica’s husband Maurice Gipson back in jail in California

Love After Lockup Jessica's husband Maurice is back in jail

We have some more unfortunate news to report for fans of WE tv’s Love After Lockup. Jessica’s husband Maurice Gipson is back behind bars in California.

According to jail records, Maurice was arrested in Los Angeles on February 25. He is still being held without bond at the LA Central Jail.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department website indicates that Maurice’s “charge level” is felony, but there are no more details about the specific charges. The site lists three different charges, but only reveals the first two characters of two of the case numbers. One of the cases was “rejected” on March 1, and another of the charges has no additional information.

There is a full case number for one of the charges. I spoke with a LA County Superior Court representative about that case, but the only information they could provide is that it is in regards to the California statute pertaining to parole violations.

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UPDATE – After reports that Maurice was arrested for firearm possession, Jessica responded with an Instagram story post. “For all you people who can’t keep my husband’s name out of your mouth and spitting lies about him..see this here..da rejection..which means that the district attorney is not charging him with anything. Because it wasn’t his!!!!!. He is only in jail because of a parole hold, which happens when anyone on parole is in contact with the stop the lies!!!!”

Jessica’s post was accompanied by a screen shot from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department website showing a rejection for one of Maurice’s charges. This is exactly as we stated above — one of his charges was rejected and it appears that his remaining charge is in regards to a parole violation.

The firearm possession charge was reported by @realiteasquad on Instagram. The account later shared Jessica’s message along with a lengthy caption, which in turn sparked a conversation with Jessica in the comments:

@realiteasquad: Jessica wants people to stop with the lies but who’s lying?

1. She references the wrong court case – not the case Maurice is currently being held on
2. Maurice has been assigned permanent housing as of 3/9/2021
3. His court date is 3/17/2021
4. He is being held without bond

Covering this on my YouTube channel tonight – stay tuned

Jessica: Try again!!!!! This is current. Go to the lasd site and type his info in, 3 things come up, his parole hold, the da rejection. And I don’t know that the other thing is but I can assure he he is not getting charged with ANYTHING BUT A PAROLE VIOLATION.. why would I lie when the truth will obviously come out lol. He is not being charged for gun charges so leave it the f*** alone

Jessica: when a firearm is found in a vehicle with two people in it, only one person can be charged with a gun charge and Maurice is not the one being charged people!!! look it up.. they cannot charge two people for one gun!

@realiteasquad: I’d be happy to have you on my YouTube channel if you’d be interested in coming on

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Maurice has an arraignment scheduled for March 17.

It has been rumored for some time that Maurice and Jessica have split, thanks mostly to a series of Instagram posts by Maurice. In the posts he repeatedly complained about having no one to talk to as he seemed to suggest that he was staying with relatives in California.

“Damn why it feel like I ain’t got nobody to vent to/With,” Maurice wrote in mid-February. “Big bro the only ni**a willing to hear me, the only one who gone throw ah ni**a a place to stay, food to eat, money to spend. Appreciate you ni**a. Thank you for the blessing foo.”

On the same day as the post above, Maurice shared a photo of himself with this message included: “If I get caught lacking n get smoked.. just promise to make sure my kids know each othe…”

Jessica responded with a supportive message. “I love you and I’m sorry you going through so much right now. Just know I’m always here and always got your back 100%”

Maurice re-posted Jessica’s message and replied: “That goes without saying. All I got to say is I appreciate you to the fullest. We have ups and downs but you know what it is.”

Jessica has yet to comment publicly on Maurice’s recent arrest. The most recent photo of Maurice still remaining on Jessica’s Instagram account is from August of last year. Her most recent post is a gallery of images of her and Maurice’s son Maliq, who is about to turn one year old:

UPDATE – Here’s a VERY thorough video from YouTuber According To Amber, including alleged text message receipts between Maurice and the mother of his daughter:

The most recent season of Love After Lockup has been the worst yet as far as recidivism. Of the seven convicts featured, five were arrested either while filming or after. Maurice joins co-stars Destinie Folsom, Lindsey Downs, Dylan Smith and Kristianna Roth on the list of cast members who landed back behind bars. Only Quaylon and Chanda have managed to stay out of trouble and out of jail.

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