SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dimitri Snowden’s ex Christeline officially joins Marcus Epps’ family

Seeking Sister Wife Dimitri Snowden's ex Christeline now with Marcus Epps' family

Christeline Peterson’s rumored Seeking Sister Wife husband hopping has been confirmed! Ashley and Dimitri Snowden’s estranged wife has issued a statement announcing that she has indeed joined the Epps family from Seeking Sister Wife Season 4.

“Chrissy” has been posting photos and videos with the Epps family on social media for a few months, but it was unclear what their relationship was. That changed this week when Christeline shared a statement with blogger John Yates.

“I wanted to reach out to you and confirm that I am officially a part of The Epps Family,” Christeline wrote. “It is truly amazing to be with authentic people who are genuinely working towards building a legacy for their family! I am so happy to be a part of that legacy.”

Fans of the show know that Christeline had a very un-amicable split from the Snowdens, including allegations of abuse and multiple restraining orders. The South African mother of two had to go into hiding as fans helped out with donations via a GoFundMe campaign.

The horrible experience with the Snowdens did not sour Christeline on the idea of polygamy, and she really believes the Epps experience will be different. “This is the first time I’ve been in any setting since leaving my country that I’ve felt like I am at home,” she says. “This truly feels good!”

Christeline concluded by expressing her gratitude to all of those who supported her along the way, and also saying she has no ill will towards those who made the journey difficult. “I wish nothing but happiness for everyone I’ve encountered on this journey, because they helped me get here to ‘The Epps Family.’ This is what I was seeking from the very beginning! Love ❤️”

The Epps family recently announced that Marcus and his second wife, India, will be having a wedding ceremony soon. A pending wedding combined with Christeline’s addition to the family would seemingly all but guarantee that the Epps family will be back for Seeking Sister Wife season 5. However, there has been no official confirmation.

Dimitri Snowden Christeline Peterson divorce documents

Are Christeline and Dimitri divorced yet?

Dimitri Snowden filed for divorce from Christeline Petersen in May of 2021. He cited “irreconcilable differences” as a reason in the dissolution of marriage filing, and he stated that Christeline “has abandoned the marriage. I do NOT know her whereabouts.”

I just checked on the divorce case and it is still listed as “open.” The last activity was a declaration filing by Christeline on May 25. There are no upcoming court dates listed.

Meanwhile, Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden are reportedly back together now. They split up after Christeline left and the other abuse allegations surfaced online.

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus Epps arrest for domestic violence

Dimitri Snowden vs. Marcus Epps

Just like Dimitri Snowden, Christeline’s new potential husband has some red flags in his past as well. Marcus Epps has admitted to having ten children, and he has a long list of legal issues.

Marcus was arrested in March of 2008 and charged with multiple counts of domestic violence stemming from an incident on October 7, 2007. The alleged female victim was not Marcus’s current wife Taryn, nor was it his first wife, whom he married in December of 2003.

Marcus eventually pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He was found guilty in April of 2008. The two domestic violence charges were dismissed as a result of the plea deal.

Christeline Petersen and Marcus Epps together

In October of 2020 there was a shooting at an illegal after-hours club in Cleveland, Ohio that resulted in the death of 27-year-old Shameia Hurth. Both Marcus and his wife Taryn were on the scene. Taryn told police she was “hosting a birthday party.” She was described by police as “very evasive” during questioning.

Meanwhile, Marcus told police on the scene: “I have the lease to the place.” The local news looked into the property and things got even more suspect — including the ties to Marcus and Taryn.

Marcus also owns a home that caught fire in March of 2021. Marcus got into some serious legal trouble due to repairs that weren’t completed in the wake of the fire. He was officially charged with multiple housing violations in January of this year.

After a failed campaign to become mayor of Euclid, Ohio, Marcus Epps got elected to the Euclid City Council. A local news agency did an expose on the tax issues of local politicians in March of this year and it was revealed that Marcus owed more than $12,000 in unpaid taxes at the time. I just checked property records (October 30, 2022) and they indicate Marcus now has a balance due of $14,902.12.

Former Snowdens sister wife Ariadne Jospeh says they abused her and her children

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