Love During Lockup Mark’s friend Jeremy’s arrest record includes larceny & LOTS of DUIs

Love During Lockup Mark's friend Jeremy arrest details

On Friday night’s episode of Love During Lockup, viewers were introduced to software engineer Mark Wagner, who is courting multiple female inmates. Prior to Mark’s first video call with inmate Sincer-a, who is currently in prison in Washington after shooting up her grandma’s house during a robbery and kidnapping, Mark elicits some coaching advice from his friend Jeremy.

“I’ve known Jeremy for about two years,” Mark explains. “Even before I was writing prison chicks, Jeremy was always giving me advice about dating and relating it to his experiences in prison. So, I thought, ‘Who better else to give me advice on this?'”

The two meet for the phone call in Jeremy’s Las Vegas high rise condo, which has TONS of photos of Jeremy posing with other people plastered on the walls like a real-life incarnation of his Instagram feed. As for Jeremy himself, he is a barrel-chested buff dude with a comically large gold chain, gold Rolex-ish ring, and LOTS of tattoos — including an obligatory dollar sign.

As Jeremy is coaching Mark before the video call, he reveals a little bit more about his qualifications as he plays up the significance of the call. “Having done about a decade in prison, just know that these people are coming out of their cell and their whole life comes down to, like, when they’re finally going to reach out. So this phone call is going to frame her mind for the next, like, couple hours or couple days.”

Jeremy’s comment about “having done about a decade in prison” had many viewers curious, and also resulted in several messages in the Starcasm inbox requesting more info on Jeremy. I decided to look into Mark’s prison bro and it turned out to be quite the rabbit hole!

Who is Mark’s prison pal Jeremy?

Mark’s friend’s full name is Jeremy Sigal. He’s 38 years old and has quite the extensive criminal record! In addition to convictions for attempted grand larceny and possession of a controlled substances, he has three DUI convictions (and apparently even more DUI charges).

As you may have guessed from his brief appearance on Love During Lockup, Jeremy is a self-motivational entrepreneur with a lengthy resume that includes multiple businesses and multiple books. Here is a bullet point list of “interesting facts” about Jeremy from his promotional flyer:
• Hit by a car at 50 mph as a pedestrian at the age of 12 (resulting in Jeremy being in a wheelchair for a number of months)
• Awoke as the victim of a 3-person armed robbery at 18 years old
• Received an 18-year false prison term and handwrote his way out
• Conquered a Nazi-controlled prison as a Jew

• Built numerous 8-figure med/legal groups with only a high school diploma

• Hits a 500-lb deadlift with zero safety equipment or supplements

• Built an 807 FICO in 13 months from a 530 FICO post-prison
• Went from homeless and broke to self-made luxury penthouse life
• Elected to lead the wealthiest community in town while on parole

Jeremy Sigal book Prison to Penthouse

Jeremy Sigal’s books

Mark has multiple self-published books, including Prison To Penthouse: How To Ascend And Lead Any Group. [Amazon affiliate link] From the back cover:

Learn how a Jew conquered a Nazi-controlled prison and applied those lessons to go from a Prison to Penthouse. This true story of Jeremy Sigal’s 18-year false imprisonment and constant rise into leadership is your new guide to conquering every challenge and leading every group!

The tools in Prison to Penthouse will detail how Jeremy fought his way through prison to an early release and continued his way in building multiple 8-figure businesses, forging numerous high-value political connections, and now teaches others how to lead their every group to greatness! So c’mon, read on, sharpen your shank, and let’s go get this fool together!

Perhaps my favorite thing about Prison to Penthouse is that the back cover boasts the words “PERSONAL BEST SELLER” along the bottom in large all caps!

Speaking of boasting, Jeremy promotes this book on one of his websites by proclaiming that he was “arrested for more DUIs, Reckless Drivings, Evading Police, and general Speeding Tickets than any other in Nevada.”

More evidence that Jeremy was the perfect person to offer Mark advice about prison dating is the fact that he also has a book about relationships titled Breaking Up Not Down: Your 7-Step Guide to Growing Through a Break UP. [Amazon affiliate link]

Jeremy Sigal online

Jeremy has numerous pans in the fire business-wise, but it looks like his main marketing focus is on his self help program called Strong Positions. The program includes a series of “accelerated learning course” videos with titles like “7-FIGURE DATING: Obtain the deepest relations you’ve never had” and “SEXIFY YOUR HOME: Make your home the greatest ROI you own!”

The Strong Positions website includes a “Life Story” section for Jeremy that reveals a little more about his 38 years on this planet so far. Here are a couple excerpts:

Currently 38 years old, Jeremy moved to Las Vegas from Rancho Cucamonga at 17 years old after graduating High School in 2001. After attending UNLV 2001-2005 for Economics/Business Management, he was eventually kicked out of college without graduating, but the one thing he began to master before his leave was the art of building and managing simultaneously a vast number of deep directional relationships. More than just meeting people, Jeremy makes sure his relationships have depth & direction and he has used those skills to succeed in every arena he’s been placed in ever since.

Jeremy agreed to enroll in a 3-year court program including rehab and probation, where once completed, he would serve zero time. However, after an argument with his rehab therapist, Jeremy was sent back to court where rather than rehab or a few months in jail, he and his legal team were shocked when he was ordered to 200-months in prison, more time than many other inmates including those guilty of killing or sexually assaulting. That day is when Mr. Sigal began his 5-year fight to get out. In 2017, the Nevada Supreme Court was in review of Sigal’s appeal and he was released early from prison based on actual innocence for crimes the evidence proved he did not commit.

Jeremy also has a website for his public speaking.

If you’re wanting to check out Jeremy Sigal on Instagram, his handle is @LegalQS. In a bit of interesting reality show trivia, if you scroll far enough down in Jeremy’s feed you will see that he dated Marrying Millions star Gentille Chhun for a while back in 2017 — which was before her appearance on Marrying Millions. In case you weren’t aware, Marrying Millions is produced by Sharp Entertainment, the same company that makes Love During Lockup.

Speaking of Love During Lockup producers, how about some mild Love During Lockup spoilers? Jeremy shared a behind-the-scenes video clip that seems to reveal that Mark is going to have a lavish 30th birthday bash with lots of attractive women in attendance. Perhaps a jealousy story line for Sincer-a?

It’s interesting to me that there are numerous video clips posted by Jeremy that show him driving — some of which are in situations that don’t appear to be business related. I’m not sure how long it takes to get your driver’s license back in Nevada after numerous DUIs, but it sure seems like it happened quickly for Jeremy!

Jeremy Sigal arrest history

According to Nevada Department of corrections records, Jeremy has multiple convictions that resulted in prison sentences. In 2009 he was sentenced to 12-30 months for possession of a controlled substance. Jeremy’s probation was revoked in September of 2009, then reinstated the following month. A little more than two months later, his probation was revoked yet again.

In 2013, Jeremy was convicted of attempted grand larceny. He was sentenced to 16-48 months in prison in January of 2014. Jeremy’s probation was revoked in September of 2014. His sentence was modified to 14-48 months in prison with credit for 126 days served.

While Jeremy’s felony attempted grand larceny case was still pending, he was charged with THREE DUIs! He was sentenced for all three in a single week in 2014. At the last sentencing, the judge had some very harsh things to say about Jeremy’s apparent disdain for the law and he gave him 18-72 months in prison for the third offense. (See below.) He also stated that Jeremy’s four sentences (attempted grand larceny and the three DUIs) were to be served consecutively and not concurrently.

More Jeremy Sigal DUI details

So far in this post we have shared information about Jeremy that was taken mostly from his own posts. I thought I would conclude the article with another perspective on him courtesy of the prosecuting attorney during his sentencing in November of 2014. This is taken directly from the court transcript and serves as a rather comprehensive recap of Jeremy’s legal issues in regards to his driving up to that point:

Your Honor, I — normally in these cases I have to just go first and I don’t know what the Defendant is going to say. But I have the advantage of this being the third day in a row that I’ve done a sentencing on a felony DUI with Mr. Sigal and I know what he argued on Monday and what he argued on Tuesday.

And the thing that he argued extensively in front of Judge Delaney on Monday was that it was all due to his drug addiction and that he learned a lot in — when he was in the felony DUI Court. And one thing is clear: he did learn all the language of recovery, all the lingo. He’s a very smart guy, just — however, he believes that he can talk anybody into anything if he just talks long enough. And the big thing he went on for in front of Judge Delaney was about how he — he’s really come around on his addiction, and in fact in the DUI Court he had no dirty UAs. He did not test positive for any drugs and that’s absolutely true. That was not the reason he was thrown out of felony DUI Court. It was for constant rule violations, constant manipulations. The fact that every single time he came into court there was a half an hour production where he tried to explain the unexplainable at great length why he was violating the rules yet again. Because he doesn’t believe the rules apply to him and that he doesn’t have to follow it, and when he gets caught he can just explain away all his behavior.

Now, yesterday having — when I made this argument, he brought up — he claimed he had mental health issues, that it somehow was related to a childhood custody battle. That somehow it was better that he had received his drugs legally by scamming doctors into giving him huge quantities of pills for over a decade, which I don’t believe makes it better.

But the fact of the matter is that we get two different kinds of people in felony DUI Court: one is where it’s mainly their addiction that’s driving the train and the other rarer, but not uncommon, is the people where it’s their criminal behavior, their antisocial behavior of driving while impaired that’s driving the train. And in Mr. Sigal’s case it’s entirely criminal behavior.

If you look at his overall behavior, you can see he just does what he wants when he wants without regard. I see 27 separate failures to appear and bench warrants in ten years. That’s separate cases, separate days; not counting them up as sometimes is done.

I look at his driving record. Not counting all the tickets that got reduced to parking tickets and fines that I couldn’t tell what the original charges were, I counted 74 times he was cited for either driving without a driver’s license, a valid one, driving an unregistered vehicle or driving without insurance. And a lot of times it was multiple on the same time. But every time he’s caught driving illegally in an unregistered car with no insurance to protect the public from his horrible driving. And what does he do? He goes immediately back out and does it again. That’s 74 citations in ten years. This is someone who believes the rules do not apply to him.

When he had his first felony conviction, he got probation. He violated it not once but twice, got revoked, went to prison, got paroled, violated his parole not once but twice, got a dishonorable discharge. What does he do when he gets out after doing all that? He commits another felony. What does he do while his felony theft case is pending? Picks up three felony DUI cases. Gets put on probation in that case and sent to the treatment court. He violates all the rules of the treatment court repeatedly until he is thrown out despite not testing positive.

He has — we’ve tried prison. We’ve tried parole. We’ve tried probation. We’ve tried treatment court. And every single time he just does whatever he wants, which what he wants to do is violate the law. He doesn’t care about anybody but Jeremy and that’s not going to change. It’s clear it’s not going to change. I look at this. I see no hope of it changing.

And so I’ll tell you straightforward why I’m here, why I’ve made an argument in each one of these cases. Given his driving while impaired over and over and over, nine times by my count, six convictions that he’s been caught, he’s going to kill someone. And when he kills someone, I want to know that I kept him off the streets as long as humanly possible. I asked every judge to give him consecutive time to keep him off the streets as long as possible because I think that’s the only thing we can do to protect the community.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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