SEEKING SISTER WIFE India and Marcus Epps planning their wedding

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus Epps and India Rosser planning a wedding

For a reality series that has A LOT of wives and A LOT of dating, Seeking Sister Wife hasn’t had very many weddings. The Epps family looks like they will be trying to remedy that as Marcus Epps and India Rosser are currently planning their wedding!

India has shared numerous posts on social media about planning for the wedding. She even flew to Ohio where she saw her mother and sister, who are apparently helping with the bridal shower planning.

Here are a couple of India’s posts, along with a snippet of a re-post by the Epps family’s Instagram account with the scoop about India’s family helping out:

Seeking Sister Wife India Rosser and Marcus Epps wedding planning

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus India wedding planning

Unlike a lot of polygamous couples, the Epps family’s first wife is not legally married to the patriarch. Despite being together (on and off) for well over a decade, Marcus and Taryn Lindsey never officially got married. Perhaps Marcus was gun shy after his first marriage fell apart quickly?

So, why would Marcus and India decide to get married? As a viewer of the show, its easy to come up with two theories.

NUMBER ONE: Marcus agreed to marry India as part of a deal that would allow him a little more leeway in regards to having sex with women he is dating. It’s clear from watching the current season that India, despite being in a polygamous relationship, still has some jealousy issues. Perhaps the promise of becoming THE official Mrs. Epps was enough to extinguish the jealousy fires?

NUMBER TWO: The Epps family is OBVIOUSLY enjoying their time in the spotlight while appearing on the show. It would be a logical assumption that having a wedding would be part of their sales pitch to TLC to return for another season. Reality show producers LOVE an extravagant wedding!

And, of course, the Epps family would not have a wedding if it wasn’t going to be over-the-top extravagant! (Despite the fact that Marcus has some tax issues with his house in Ohio — a VERY small house that was severely damaged in a fire last year.)

In one of India’s Instagram story posts about planning for the wedding, you can see her laptop screen with the Google Image search results for “???? mansion weddings” pulled up:

Seeking Sister Wife India Rosser wedding

Seeking Sister Wife Weddings

How many weddings have their been on Seeking Sister Wife? If Marcus Epps and India Rosser get married on the show, their ceremony would be the third. Hopefully for the Epps, they will have a little bit better luck with their marriage than the first two Seeking Sister Wife wedding participants did!

The first wedding featured on Seeking Sister Wife was when Ashley and Dimitri Snowden married Vanessa Cobbs. As fans of the show are well aware, the marriage was short lived. Vanessa not only left the Snowdens, but she left the United States and flew to Australia in an attempt to get as far away as possible!

The second wedding featured on Seeking Sister Wife also involved the Snowdens. Ashley and Dimitri Snowden married Christeline Petersen in a backyard pandemic ceremony during Season 3.

That marriage turned out worse than the one with Vanessa. Christeline filed restraining orders against Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, claiming abuse from both. She would later go into hiding with her two children. Christeline’s abuse accusations resulted in a previous Snowden sister wife coming forward with more allegations of abuse and manipulation.

Dimitri Snowden filed for divorce in May of 2021 citing irreconcilable differences. I just checked the divorce case and it is still listed as being open.

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