SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps domestic violence arrest details

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus Epps arrest for domestic violence

The skeletons continue to dance out of the closet of Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps! In addition to his numerous scandals after being elected to the Euclid City Council, Marcus also has a domestic violence arrest.

The Sun broke the news earlier today that Marcus was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence in Akron, Ohio in March of 2008.

According to court records, the arrest stemmed from an incident on October 7, 2007. There was an arrest warrant issued for Marcus on the same day of the incident, but the warrant was not served until March 5, 2008.

Marcus was initially facing two charges. In addition to 1st degree misdemeanor domestic violence, he was also charged with domestic violence: menacing, which is a 4th degree misdemeanor. Here is the description for the menacing charge from the Ohio statute:

No person, by threat of force, shall knowingly cause a family or household member to believe that the offender will cause imminent physical harm to the family or household member.

Marcus was given a $5,000 bond. Court records indicate that Marcus’s current wife, Taryn Lindsey, paid the court $524 the same day Marcus was booked and released.

Marcus would eventually cut a deal and plead no contest to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct in April of 2008. The two domestic violence charges were dismissed as a result of the plea deal.

The court documents list the victim’s name, and it was not Taryn. The victim was also not Marcus’s first wife, whom he married in December of 2003. I do not know if the woman has given birth to one of Marcus’s ten children.

The victim does have an Instagram account that is followed by the Epps family page as well as Marcus’s personal Instagram account. The woman looks to have two children, the older of which is a daughter that could be 13 or older.

A temporary protection order was granted on the same day that Marcus was arrested, but I’m unsure who was being protected from whom. Court records indicate that a woman with the same exact name as Marcus’s victim was arrested in Akron for felony assault and felony child endangerment stemming from an incident on March 4, 2008. That incident was just one day before Marcus was arrested.

The woman was eventually found guilty of felonious assault and sentenced to three years in prison. Unfortunately, the victim’s name is not mentioned in any of the publicly available court documents, so I am unable to confirm whether or not Marcus was involved.

Marcus, Taryn and India are scheduled to do another Instagram live session on their joint account after tonight’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, so perhaps he will share some additional details about the incident and his conviction.

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