Meet Brenda and Steve Foley’s new girlfriend Nina SEEKING SISTER WIFE

Seeking Sister Wife Brenda and Steve Foley's new girlfriend Nina

Seeking Sister Wife couple Brenda and Steve Foley have been teasing the fact that they are dating someone new for a couple months now on social media. After meeting up with their prospective new sister wife in Las Vegas and San Diego, she was finally able to visit the Foleys at their Texas home this weekend and Steve used the opportunity to introduce their new boo to all of their Instagram followers!

During an Instagram Live session hosted by Steve on Sunday, viewers were able to meet Nina. During the course of the 23-minute video (included below), it’s revealed that Nina first met the Foleys while at a bar in Virginia.

Nina had never seen Seeking Sister Wife, but somehow Steve popped up in her Instagram feed back in June. After some goading by her friends, Nina sent Steve a DM asking him, “Do I know you?” From there, Nina and Steve (and eventually Brenda) struck up a conversation that turned into a relationship!

During the video, Nina introduced herself while cooking dinner for the throuple. She revealed that she is in the Navy and she’s currently stationed in San Diego.

Later during the live, we learned a little more about the potential new Mrs. foley. She has been in the Navy for 6 years as a nuclear mechanic, and she currently has four years left on her contract. She doesn’t have any children, but she does have a rather needy dog.

The Foleys previously met up with Nina in San Diego and in Las Vegas, but this was her first time in Texas. The three lovebirds had a VERY busy weekend that included axe throwing, mini golf, a trip to the aquarium, a virtual reality experience, and a trip to a brewery where Brenda got blackout drunk.

Here’s the full video with Steve, Brenda, Nina and Foley pooch Captain:

Will The Foleys Be Back On Seeking Sister Wife?

There was absolutely no indication during the Foleys’ live stream that their weekend with Nina was filmed by TLC. If the Foleys were going to be coming back for another season of Seeking Sister Wife, I can’t imagine that the weekend wouldn’t have been filmed.

Also, I think the Foleys would have continued to keep Nina under wraps if they were going to be on the new season of Seeking Sister Wife. Of course, I could be completely wrong! I suppose we will all just have to wait for the official announcement about the new season to know for sure.

Congratulations to the Foleys! It certainly seems like Nina and Brenda have a much better connection than Brenda and April did. Brenda even reveals during the live that she and Nina spent an entire day together in San Diego.

If you are wondering, no, Nina hasn’t met Steve’s children yet. He says that they plan to head up to Dallas to meet his kids the next time Nina is in Texas. Unfortunately, her current trip was a short one as she was scheduled to fly out today.

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