What is Kody Brown’s business? He sells guns & supplies SISTER WIVES

Sister wives Kody Brown selling guns as his other business?

On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown is traveling with his friend Brian Coalwell soon after Kody officiated Brian’s wedding. “Brian and I have been friends for 25 years,” Kody says. “We’ve been business partners for maybe seven years. We’re just returning now from a show in Reno, Nevada, a sportsmen show, where we had some business.”

What kind of business is it that Kody and Brian have that would require them to attend a sportsmen show? As we’ve previously reported, Kody sells guns and/or firearm accessories. The “sportsmen show” in Reno was likely just a euphemism for a gun show there.

An attendee at a 2021 gun show in Tulsa posted several photos of Kody at his booth on Facebook. A screen cap of the Facebook gallery was then shared on reddit:

Saw this on FB, just confirming the rumors he sells guns
byu/popsiclestickz inTLCsisterwives

In the photos you can make out some of the items that Kody is apparently selling, including an AR-15 build kit and AR-15 strike rails.

UPDATE – There are A LOT of photos of Kody Brown at various gun shows dating back to at least 2012 online. Here are some examples:

Here’s Kody’s pal Brian at a gun show holding something that looks more like a bazooka or a rocket launcher than a gun:

Kody Brown's friend Brian Coalwell gun show

In the scene from tonight’s episode, Kody mentions that Brian “recently” got married. According to court records, Brian got married in late June of 2021. It took little effort on my part to find a gun show in Reno not long after that — the Crossroads of the West Gun Show held at the Reno Convention Center on July 24 and July 25 of 2021. I don’t know if that was the show they were at or not.

What is Kody’s gun business called?

Kody has been involved in the gun business since at least 1997. He is the registered agent for a Utah business called Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories that was formed in June of 1997. After remaining in business for a few years, the license was not renewed and expired in March of 2001.

Kody and Brian have been attached to numerous LLCs over the years, but the only one I could find that includes both men appears to be another gun business. US Tactical, LLC was formed in Utah in April of 2022 and the three official “members” listed include Kody, Brian, and another Brown family friend that still lives in Utah.

On the Utah business filing for US Tactical, LLC, it is categorized as “Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Stores” under Products/Services.

It doesn’t appear as though Kody has created any other gun businesses, but the same can’t be said for Brian. He was the registered agent for US Tactical Scopes, LLC. He filed that business in September of 2010 and it expired in January of 2013. Brian was also a managing member of Outpost Armory, LLC, in Pahrump, Nevada. Outpost Armory was formed in June of 2018 and dissolved just two months later.

Kody and Brian officially (and very publicly ) going into business together in April of this year has many fans speculating that Kody might FINALLY reveal the fact that he is a firearms dealer on the show. Or perhaps he is planning a spin-off with Brian? That would certainly explain why Brian is getting what seems to be a very unusual amount of screen time this season!

What are the odds that Robyn has been slaving away sketching out a US Tactical logo? Or maybe she doesn’t want anything to do with Kody’s guntrepreneurialism after he shot down her suggestion to name the business My Husband’s Gun Closet? 😉

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