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Meet Brenda and Steve Foley’s new girlfriend Nina SEEKING SISTER WIFE

Seeking Sister Wife couple Brenda and Steve Foley have been teasing the fact that they are dating someone new for a couple months now on social media. After meeting up with their prospective new sister wife in Las Vegas and San Diego, she was finally able to visit the Foleys at their Texas home this weekend and Steve used the opportunity to introduce their new boo to all of their Instagram followers!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why are Steve and Brenda polygamists? Is it tied to religion?

Steve and Brenda Foley of Seeking Sister Wife are looking to add another wife to their marriage. On the show they’re courting 21-year-old April, who seems more interested in Steve as a husband than Brenda as a sister wife. The cameras are catching their growing discomfort as they move forward with this awkward relationship. Why did the Foleys choose this lifestyle?