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Jenelle & David Eason event cancelled at Oregon pot shop, Burnt River Farms Cannabis tries to walk back support for the couple

Disgraced former Teen Mom 2 couple Jenelle and David Eason are in Oregon where they were scheduled to appear for a meet and greet at a marijuana dispensary on Friday. The Burnt River Farms Cannabis Company seemed well aware of the controversies surrounding the couple as they boldly proclaimed “haters gonna hate” and welcomed “Janelle Evens” and David with “open arms.” Those arms were quickly closed, and the weed meet and greet went up in smoke, after the haters did in fact hate.

Police report from Chumlee arrest reveals guns, drugs, ‘Chum Chum’ room with stripper pole…

Lovable Pawn Stars lackey Austin "Chumlee" Russell was arrested last week after police officers searched his home as part of a sexual assault case and found illegal drugs and weapons. Police have released a detailed list of items found during the search, which includes numerous weapons, meth, a TON of marijuana, and a couple items with "white powdery residue" found in the "'Chum Chum' room with dance pole."