Colorado florists offer pot bouquets for Valentine’s Day

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Colorado residents have a little extra incentive for Valentine’s Day appreciation this year. Thanks to the recent (and very popular) legalization of marijuana, florists across the Centennial State are offering cannabis additions to Valentine’s Day floral bouquets. Cindy Ollig, who owns Denver’s Perfect Petal shop, says it doesn’t make sense to add huge handfuls of pot leaves to any bouquet, because of the plant’s smell: “You can’t do a lot,” she told USA Today; “the smell is so overwhelming. It’s more of a little accent here and there.”

The idea of weed bouquets began with weddings and other flower-based celebrations, and has now spilled over into February’s most sacred tradition. Ollig recently told the Denver Post (which, hand to God, has a “Cannabist” section related to all things marijuana), that


It’s just kind of cool how the bright greens of the plant and buds go so well with fuchsia and hot pink tones. Marijuana just kind of naturally lends itself to a perfect Valentine’s Day palette. Plus, there’s so many different strains now. A lot of them are so delicate and beautiful and really work well with floral composition.


Unfortunately, due to the constraints of the Colorado law, florists can’t offer the marijuana themselves: if you want bud in your bustle, you’ve got to bring it in yourself. What that does mean, though, is you’re providing the same stuff you can later smoke with your loved one, if you’re so inclined. Buds & Blossoms, a like-minded florist, notes that “You can take the buds from your bouquet or ’boutonniere’ and put in straight into your bowl.”

What do you think, folks? Crackpot idea or great one? Any Colorado Starcasm readers have plans to go this route for some Valentine’s fun?


(Photo credits: Buds & Blossoms on Facebook)

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