SHAHS OF SUNSET Golnesa launches cannabis business WüSah with drink, vape pen, and inhaler

Shahs of Sunset Golnesa GG pot business Wusah

Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedagni has been teasing a new business venture for more than a year, and this week the Shahntrepreneur was able to finally unveil that it is a new line of cannabis products including a drink, a vape pen, and an inhaler.

“OH MY GOD I DID IT!!!” Golnesa exclaimed in her Instagram announcement of her official business launch party held Wednesday night. She then goes on to explain that she has been using the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis to successfully treat her Rheumatoid Arthritis (“RA”) for a year and a half, and she is thrilled to be able to share “the miracles of this plant” with others — an aspiration made extremely viable after California passed a law legalizing recreational use of pot in late 2016.

After the launch party, the invitation to which included a note stating the event was being filmed for “a possible airing on television,” Golnesa returned to Instagram to share more information and a video clip highlighting the WüSah products available at launch:

The WüSah product line features a watermelon/pomegranate/mint flavored cold press drink, a vape pen, and an inhaler similar to those used by asthma sufferers. Details from Golnesa:

Please welcome WüSah to the world! I can’t believe it’s finally happened. I am so grateful for my journey! I believe I was given an auto immune disease so I can make a difference. I have found that purpose thru cannabis. Many of you will mock me. Many of you will support me. I just hope you continue to follow me and watch the evolution of great healing take place using WüSah. I’m almost in remission y’all. I’m living proof this stuff works!!! WüSah will soon be in all dispensaries in California and eventually all around the world. Your support means the world to me. Please be kind in the comments, I’ve never done anything so profound and it means the world to me to have accomplished something.?? #WüSah #WuSah #CannabisCommunity #Wellness #F*ckRA

More from Golnesa from her launch party announcement:

I’ve put my all into this company, so it is with great pleasure I introduce, WüSah!!!!!!!! I’ve been treating my RA with cannabis also and my doctor says that in a few months I’ll be in remission! I don’t wanna get sappy right now, but it’s important people know my mission. It has helped heal me in many ways and I have now designed products that will help so many of your needs. Tonight is the big reveal of the products so y’all best believe your sweet eyes will see me post the products tomorrow. I really hope you guys enjoy what I’ve done. I truly believe in the miracles of this plant. Follow me to learn more about cannabis in a medical way and more! F******ck I can’t believe I did it!!!! God is good?? #WüSah

Congratulations to GG! I see a lot of reality star business ventures (Diamond Water anyone?), but this seems much more exciting and potentially viable than most. I currently live in Texas, so unfortunately I won’t be able to try any of the products out any time soon. But, the next time I am in California, I definitely want to try that drink!

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