TEEN MOM Kiaya Elliott’s baby daddy X’Zayveon released from prison EXCLUSIVE

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Kiaya Elliott's son Amour's dad X'Zayveon released from prison

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is reportedly filming for a new season, and the show might have a new addition to the cast: Amour’s dad!

As we previously reported, Kiaya Elliott’s baby daddy X’Zayveon was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in August of 2018. That was just four months prior to Kiaya Elliott giving birth to their son, Amour.

X’Zayveon was found guilty on three different felony counts and was sentenced to five years in prison. He has come up for parole on multiple occasions, but was denied each time. As a result of his time behind bars, X’Zayveon has not filmed for any season of Teen Mom:Young and Pregnant

That may soon change as X’Zayveon was released from prison earlier this week. I spoke with a rep from the Virginia Department of Corrections who confirms that X’Zayveon was “released to supervision” on May 9. The release was roughly eight months earlier than his initial projected release date in January, 2023.

It’s unknown if X’Zayveon will be making an appearance on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, but I cannot imagine that producers would want to miss out on the drama of a dad returning from prison to his baby mama and her girlfriend!

UPDATE – We now have a preview trailer for the new season and it includes X’Zayveon! Here’s a screen cap of Zay with Amour:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Kiaya's ex Zay X'Zayveon

Kiaya and X’Zayveon dating timeline

Kiaya revealed in her Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant intro clip that she got pregnant while she and her girlfriend of two years, Teazha, were on a break.

“I found out she was cheating on me, and I broke up with her,” Kiaya said of Teazha in her confessional video. “That was right around the time that my dad passed away, so it was a really sensitive time for me.”

Kiaya dove headfirst into the deep end of the dating pool. “In the midst of me and Teazha not talking, I met X’Zayveon,” she said. Kiaya says she knew X’Zayveon was a bit of a bad boy, but it wasn’t a major concern because she didn’t think the relationship was anything serious.

“I knew of X’Zayveon’s lifestyle, but I didn’t really care because I had no intentions of being with him, and I had no intentions of having to deal with him for, like, the next 18 years,” Kiaya admitted.

X’Zayveon was sentenced to five years in prison prior to Amour’s birth, and by that time, Kiaya and Teazha had gotten back together. That’s when the MTV camera’s started recording for Teen Mom: Young an Pregnant, so viewers are familiar with Kiaya’s story from there, including occasional on-screen phone calls to X’Zayveon in prison.

We still do not have a premiere date for the new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. It may be that producers have already wrapped for the new season and we won’t see X’Zayveon. If that is the case, then I assume his imminent release will still be a large part of Kiaya’s story line.

Unfortunately, if X’Zayveon does not appear on the upcoming season, that may be his last chance. Ratings for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant have been abysmal, and it seems unlikely that MTV will renew the reality series for another season if viewership doesn’t pick up.

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