Teen Mom 2 Kiaya Elliott firearm & assault charges dismissed

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Kiaya Elliott charges dismissed

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kiaya Elliott was in court on Monday stemming from her March 20 arrest for brandishing a firearm and assault and battery, and it looks like she got some great news!

Court records indicate that both assault and battery charges as well as the firearm charge were all dismissed. On the day of her hearing, Kiaya shared an Instagram story stating that she would be “answering questions after court,” but that doesn’t appear to have happened — yet.

In case you missed it, Kiaya was booked after an alleged altercation at a party that she was attending with her girlfriend, Teazha. From our previous post:

Kiaya claims that a man involved in the altercation pulled a gun on her. “Kiaya wasn’t really injured,” The Ashley’s source reveals, “but she did file charges against the guy for assault and battery and for pointing a gun at her.”

That man was arrested, but he soon turned the tables on Kiaya and filed one of the assault and battery charges against her. Another woman also filed an assault and battery charge against Kiaya, and that woman tacked on the charge of pointing, holding, or brandishing a firearm.

News of Kiaya’s arrest was first reported by Kiaya herself. She shared her rather memorable mug shot photo on Instagram and TikTok in late April, along with some humorous commentary. “Thinking about that time I took my wig off to wash my hair and got arrested before I could finish taking my cornrows out,” Kiaya wrote on the image.

“Please don’t roast me,” Kiaya added in the caption, along with an lol. “I went through it last month.”

“LMFAOOOOOOO,” wrote one commenter. “Lmfaooo f*** it,” Kiaya replied, adding a laughing face emoji.

Congratulations to Kiaya on shaking the charges! We’ll keep an eye out, and if she provides any sort of newsworthy update about her day in court, we will add it to the post.

For those of you curious, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is slated to return for a new season in August.

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