TEEN MOM Is Kiaya’s ex X’Zayveon selling guns on Instagram?

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant dad X'Zayveon guns on Instagram

As we were the first to report, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant mom Kiaya Elliott’s ex (and Amour’s dad) X’Zayveon was released from prison on May 9 after serving more than three years for multiple felony convictions, including firearm possession and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Judging from X’Zayveon’s social media, he had no problem getting back to what he was doing before prison — and not in a good way.

X’Zayveon posts on Instagram almost daily, and a huge percentage of the photos and videos he posts feature himself and his friends brandishing a variety of firearms. They stand while waving guns around, dance while waving guns around, lip sync rap music while waving guns around, chill on the steps while waving guns around, and ride in a car together while waving guns around. When they’re not waving guns around, you can usually see the weapons tucked in their waistbands.

X’Zayveon also loves to post photos and videos of what looks to be marijuana.

I have no idea what the marijuana laws are in Virginia, so that could potentially not be an issue. Also, this is America and people are free to show off their right to bear arms on social media. However, given that X’Zayveon has been convicted of multiple felonies — including possession of a firearm — I cannot imagine this is a good idea for him to do.

To make matters worse, X’Zayveon shared a couple of Instagram posts last week in which he appears to be offering guns for sale? In one Instagram story video, X’Zayveon is seen holding what looks to be two Glock .45-caliber handguns. He wrote “On da market” over the clip and added blue arrows pointing at cell phone emoji.

In a photo posted on X’Zayveons stories the same day there are two weapons on a bed or a couch. One is a Glock that is similar (or identical) to the guns in the previous clip, but the other firearm is some sort of automatic rifle. Once again X’Zayveon added the phone emoji with arrows pointing at them.

Teen Mom Kiaya Elliott's ex X'Zayveon guns on da market

Kiaya's ex X'Zayveon guns on Instagram

I should point out that I am no gun expert, and it could very well be that the guns X’Zayveon and his friends are constantly playing with are replicas or toys? They certainly do appear to be real. I will add some screen shots from his posts and let you decide:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant dad X'Zayveon gun photos and videos
Kiaya Elliott's ex X'Zayveon posing with guns on Instagram
Teen Mom Amour's dad X'Zayveon with a gun

UPDATE – Here are two more photos. Yes, that is X’Zayveon holding three handguns in two hands:

Kiaya's ex XZayveon with guns on Instagram

You can catch X’Zayveon on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant as he pays Kiaya and his son Amour a visit after his prison release. The new episode airs at 9/8c on MTV.

UPDATE – X’Zayveon’s friend released a music video starring Zay and a familiar arsenal of guns. The video begins with this message:

WARNING Any props used in this video that show resemblance to any illegal materials are merely props and should not be taken seriously. Don’t try this at home.

If the statement is true and the “illegal materials” includes the guns in the video, then it is likely X’Zayveon has been posing with prop guns. (And walking into convenience stores with a prop gun in his waistband, etc.) Here’s a link to the music video, but be forewarned that it does contain foul language.

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