Teen Mom Young and Pregnant cast group texts leaked FULL RECAP

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant group texts

The drama between the young moms of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is spilling over to social media after group texts were leaked by Kayla Sessler featuring the women arguing over whether or not they would be attending the Teen Mom 2 Reunion.

The online drama started after Kayla expressed her frustration at production for how she was portrayed on screen during a recent episode. She was talking with Kiaya Elliott about attending the Teen Mom 2 Reunion in Los Angeles, and she brings up the group chat. Kayla reveals that Rachel told everyone else that she might not be attending, in part because it was her birthday and she already had plans.

The moms began to argue in the group chat, and the conversation got “heated.” At this point in the Young and Pregnant scene, MTV elected to show two samples of what Kayla wrote to Rachel. “What are you doing besides jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend living off them?” the first text excerpt reads. “You must be delusional or just the crack idk,” reads the second.

Kayla also says on screen that Madisen Beith angered many of the moms in the chat when she seemed to suggest the other moms should stop arguing and be good parents. “Can y’all just chill?” Madisen wrote in a featured excerpt. “Take care of yalls kids or sum?”

After Kayla saw the scene, she took to Instagram to express her anger at what was left out. “Wait why are they ONLY showing what I said and not what she said to set me off???” she wrote. “You can’t start things and continuously keep pushing me / calling me out of my name when I was originally being sooooooo nice.”

There was a lot of back and forth between Kayla and Rachel, including Rachel posting additional excerpts from a text message exchange between just her and Kayla (which is actually where the Kayla texts used by MTV were from). Kayla was still upset that fans weren’t getting the full picture, so she promised to leak the group text messages online — which she did. Several Teen Mom social media pages got screen caps of the texts and posted them. They included the group texts about the Los Angeles trip as well as the exchanges between Kayla and Rachel after Rachel left the group.

UPDATE – Click here to read our transcript of the text messages between Kayla and Rachel.

Here is the initial back-and-forth between Kayla and Rachel, the Young and Pregnant clip with the text excerpts, and a gallery of all of the group text screen caps:

For those of you who don’t enjoy reading Instagram galleries full of screen capped text message conversations, I’ve transcribed them for you below. I will soon follow up with the text message exchanges between Kayla and Rachel, which include the REALLY heated comments.

KAYLA: Hey. I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors by now that they want us at the Teen Mom 2 reunion… Does everyone wanna go?
BRIANNA: I don’t know if it’s for sure.
RACHEL: They’re saying it’s supposed to be around the 8-9 or 10th, and if sho, then I don’t know. My birthday is the 8th. (Of April that is.)

KAYLA: So you’re not gonna go? I get it’s not super fun to film on your birthday, but this is a job and I feel like if they want us all there then we should all be there. If we want another season we have to put that work in to promote our show. I had to do a Young and Pregnant reunion one time on my birthday. But we can make it fun and celebrate you after we’re done filming.

MADISEN: I don’t know what to dooo. I have classes I can’t miss that whole week. I’ll probably get a different job and just say f*** the classes… I just have to get it all figured out first.

RACHEL: [Replying to Kayla’s comment about this being her job.] A job I don’t get paid enough to be at anyway & am probably quitting soo. It’s not our reunion anyway, it’s Teen Mom 2′s. 🤷‍♀️ Or else it would be more of a priority. Again, it’s a maybe, but I do appreciate you saying we could like celebrate out there too… I’m definitely gonna let you know soon. ❤️

KAYLA: Quit Young and Pregnant? I definitely don’t think you should. I’m tired of them changing our cast every season. I know it’s the Teen Mom 2 reunion, but the whole point of us going would be to promote our new season. But yeah, you should definitely come! When I had my birthday at a reunion it was lowkey fun. We had cake and everything.

RACHEL: Yeah, I don’t think the fan base is positive at all, it mainly consists of 30-50 year olds that just hate on me, and most of the news or articles talking about me are completely inaccurate… I don’t fw that. It’s one thing to have an opinion & another to slander someone’s name… Which is also what MTV does when they twist and edit so deeply some of the clips… I watch them back and they didn’t even go down like that. The full explanation is never there and I don’t find this reality whatsoever. Not on my end.

RACHEL: I am talked into things I don’t even want to do when I have said no 10 times. I’m over it all. I can make a lot more money from a normal job plus social media as it is. Plus, I’m about to be 20… no longer a teen anymore and I’m not gonna label myself completely as a teen mom. Was one… but I’m grown now. Hope y’all all understand my perspective on this. Much love for the experience and cast and even crew members / company. It was cool while it lasted. By the way, I may do one last season, but that would be it for me.

KAYLA: If it’s too much for your mental health I completely understand. But as far as the trolls, I’d ignore them. They talk sh*t about everyone. Sadly that’s how the world is. I wouldn’t let them push you to quit, then they win. But again, if it’s too much for your mental health I understand. I just wanted everyone to be at the Teen Mom 2 reunion if we do get an official invite, that way we can do as much as we can to promote the new season. On and off the reunion — even just taking pics with each other for social media helps promote our season and each other’s accounts.

RACHEL: It’s not even that really, it’s my morals. I don’t stand for slander and lies on my name, and when I watch the show and a scene is getting completely twisted, or the producer only asks touchy questions, or ones they know will start an argument, and things like that…. Plus, with my mom acting so different on the show than reality to act out for views, it’s all fake to me. My everyday reality is nothing like this show makes it seem, so I’d rather share it on YouTube from my own perspective.

RACHEL: Also, I probably will come. F*** ittt lol. I don’t know when I’d get a chance to go back out to LA, so… I just asked Kendra for the dates. Or do you know them for sure??
KAYLA: Nah, ion think it’s official yet that we are going.
RACHEL: It’s not official, but she had called about it with dates being likely around April 8-10th-ish, so I’ll just wait until it’s confirmed or not.
KAYLA: Yeah, I’d heard those dates too. Well, hopefully they tell us soon so I can have time to get a babysitter.

RACHEL: She only told me about it because I was supposed to go to Florida for my birthday and they were talking about flying me out from Florida. For real, everything’s always so last minute. But if those are the dates then that’s good… Mom took off from the 7-10th for me already.

KAYLA: OK cool! Well hopefully they decide soon to let us come.
MADISEN: I’ll let y’all know what my plan is when I figure it out and Kendra gives us a for sure answer.

KIAYA: Everybody should say yes, period, in my opinion. And if y’all don’t wanna do the show anymore, tell the producers so they can find someone who actually wants the opportunity. No hard feelings, but this is my job and I treat it very important as such. And I feel like everyone should.
KAYLA: I agree 100000%.

MADISEN: I’ve already told them…. They’ve never wanted me 100% anyways… I understand this is what is best for y’all, and it is an amazing opportunity, but it’s not always for everyone. The classes I’d be missing are for a job I’d be… [Screen caps cut off at least one sentence here.] …haven’t made my decision yet. I hope you can understand that. <3 I was only told yesterday, so I haven't had a lot of time to come up with a plan B. RACHEL: [Replying to Kaiaya’s comment on telling the producers about wanting to leave the show.] Definitely have. And they definitely still want me open minded for when another season comes around, if it does. I literally told them “I quit” and they say, “Well you may change your mind.” 🤷‍♀️ It’s no secret.

RACHEL: It’s a job to you and it’s a job to us. But what y’all do determines your pay, and what we do determines ours. So if I’m willing to not get paid, that’s me. It has absolutely nothing to do with y’alls job. I didn’t sign up for this for it to determine someone else’s job is all… I did this for me & only me & I’ll continue to do what I feel is best for me. 💕

KAYLA: But y’all made a commitment for this season, so everyone should put their best foot forward for THIS season — do the promotions, go to the reunions, do the interviews, etc. AND whatever else they ask of us. If you don’t wanna sign on for another season, don’t. But if y’all half ass the rest of THIS season, then yes it does affect our job.

RACHEL: No, we made a commitment to film and get paid. I absolutely do not HAVE to do the extra stuff, especially if I’m quitting and I don’t find it a positive outlook. I hope that’s understandable. ❤️ Good night everyone.
KAYLA: Girl, just a bit ago you were saying you were gonna do one more season and go to the Teen Mom 2 reunion.
RACHEL: Also, it’s not my responsibility to keep up with y’all’s job. MTV told us from the beginning: “Don’t rely on this as a full time job.” So, if you don’t got a backup plan, that’s on you… You feel?
[Someone responded to Rachel’s comment with a laughing emoji — it is unclear from the screen caps who that was.]
RACHEL: I don’t know why you’re laughing. If you’re interesting enough, they’ll keep you. 🙂 But ima do what I do because I have a choice. :/ Goodnighttt.

KAYLA: Girl, you have no ideas my finances 😂 Trust me, I’m straight. You’re missing the whole point — you made a commitment for this season, so finish off strong. Don’t do some whack ass sh*t and not participate cuz you wanna quit all of a sudden.

KAYLA: OK, leave the group chat then. Immature asf.

KIAYA: First, it’s all of our JOB. Second, I don’t NEED this sh*t. We all know how many businesses / side hustles I have. 3rd, You right — it’s not your responsibility to keep up with ours, but it’s everyone’S responsibility to keep up with it. It’s about the fact that y’all mfs don’t wanna put in any work and just do the fun stuff. Y’all was so p*ssed y’all didn’t get invited to Family Reunion last time… And if you don’t wanna participate in ANYTHING it absolutely does affect everyone on this show. Kayla and I bust our ass to make sure Young and Pregnant gets another season, or gets invited to things.

MADISEN: “Y’all” 👀 Hold on?… I gotta kid to feed… as we all do… I don’t get all that extra help, and I have CNA classes the exact same week as the reunion. I have been planning on these CNA classes for weeks, deadass moved back to Arkansas for them. It’s A LOT to decide: “Oh sh*t! Let’s change my plan for a reunion I just found out about.” Don’t add me into this bullsh*t lol. I may be there. I may not. Get mad if you want. Or understand. I don’t care. Y’all have a great day.

KIAYA: I personally dgaf if anyone attends . I’m putting in my two cents like everyone else. I said wtf I said, though. We all need to put in effort. Trust me, I won’t get mad because I don’t really care if you attend or not. And don’t get smart with me if you don’t want me to get smart right back hun. If you have something to do, you have something to do — then it didn’t apply to you.

MADISEN: I never got smart with you, lol. And if you don’t care if I attend or not, leave me out of this convo. I don’t know what y’all’s problems are all of a sudden, but if it’s gonna be shady and “hun” and “y’all this y’all that,” then I’m outttt.

MADISEN: I signed up for a TV show. They told me in the beginning: “THIS IS NOT A JOB.” So why would I treat it like one? Y’all haven’t been pulled around and played around with by them how they’ve done me. I’m over the show, I’m over the fake ass promises, I’m over the fake ass love, I’m over the fake ass story lines, I’m over it. I had a lot going on this season and forgive me if I don’t want to continue putting myself out there. Y’all want only four girls anyways, so what’s the big deal?

KIAYA: Madisen, go and read your paragraph babe, you definitely got smart. I don’t have a problem with y’all. Y’all would know. I voiced my opinion.
MADISEN: You just took it the wrong way, but okay.
KIAYA: Nah, you said it the wrong way. But okay.
MADISEN: Okay lol

BRIANNA: I don’t know how y’all aren’t understanding that at the end of the day this is the f***ing job y’all signed up for. It may not be a long-term job, but it’s a job. You do work and they pay you for the work wtf. And y’all seem pressed to me, but keep telling yourself you’re not mad. 😂 Kiaya and Kayla were just trying to let you know that this IS A JOB so maybe you should put some effort in to finish it. I understand you have school and can’t make it for that reason, but then the rest don’t concern you. You should’ve said your peace and left.

RACHEL: We have worked just as much as y’all. Literally. I have filmed and done everything I’m suppose to and MORE. All we even said was that we may not be able to make it to the reunion, and apparently that means we don’t put in our part, which is bs.

RACHEL: There’s NOTHING y’all have done more than me. I can promise you that. I bust my ass for this show 100% as much as y’all. And I have every producer to vouch. Do I need to ask Kendra? Because I never miss a shoot or voice over or ANYTHING. Just because I don’t want drama, all of a sudden I don’t put in effort?! And I don’t only show up for the “fun things.” 😂 I’ve been to everything and filmed everything, EXCEPT maybe not this reunion that isn’t even f***ing ours.

RACHEL: Y’all are all tripping if you think we are half assing anything, and it’s mad disrespect. I said what I said because I’m BLUNT not rude. Can’t take it? Idgaf. I’m not gonna be discredited for all the work I do put in. Tell me what I DON’T DO, then come at me. Seriously. Tell me what I haven’t done???? What have I half assed? Please EXPLAIN. Y’all cannot.

BRIANNA: Maybe if you shut the f*** up for once in your life and listen to someone else you’d understand, but you never shut the f*** up.
RACHEL: You have all the time in the world to type it out girl.
BRIANNA: You seem pressed to me, b*tch.
RACHEL: Tell me what I haven’t done. This is typing, nobody’s speaking over you. 😂 Pressed? Where. Y’all are coming at US saying we half ass sh*t when we do not. Y’all are pressed we don’t wanna “put in work” or whatever you think it is.

BRIANNA: It don’t matter. You keep typing saying the same bullsh*t over and over. Like, shut up and let someone speak.

RACHEL: Worry about y’alls life, we will worry about ours. Y’all always looking for an issue, and today y’all have it, soo…

MADISEN: Can y’all just chill? Take care of y’all’s kids or sum? Or hmu in a few days with this bs? lol I really don’t have time for this sh*t today 😂
BRIANNA: You were on 16 and Pregnant for one season LMAO.
MADISEN: 16 and Pregnant is one girl, one episode. You only get one. 🥴😂
KIAYA: B*tch, don’t ever tell me to take care of mines. He’s fine. Don’t bring up nooooo kids. you’re gonna make me actually smack the sh*t out of you. Watch your mouth please.

BRIANNA: Madisen, you’re wack asf b*tch.

KIAYA: Yeah, I don’t get involved in sh*t but y’all lil dumb asses are tripping.
KIAYA: Now she ghost.
MADISEN: I just don’t care to argue otp lol.
KIAYA: You’re scary asf. Good day. Watch your mouth.
MADISEN: Yes ma’am lol.

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